Michael Lucas Wins Fellini Lawsuit

Michael Lucas certainly has cause to celebrate. The pouty-lipped porn mogul can continue distributing his porn epic, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita. You may recall International Media Films Inc. filed a lawsuit claiming Lucas’ skin flick encroached on Federico Fellini’s similarly named classic.

On Friday, a judge ruled in favor of Lucas, saying that [it] seems extremely unlikely that a hapless purchaser seeking to buy Fellini’s film will inadvertently stumble across ‘Michael Lucas’s La Dolce Vita.’ Reacting to the verdict, Lucas told Wall Street Journal‘s law blog,

From the beginning, this case has been more about anti-gay and anti-sex prejudice than about well-founded legal claims. I am thrilled about this ruling and I hope we can now get this whole unnecessary distraction behind us.

For those of you interested in the nitty-gritty, click here to read the entire court transcript. It’s riveting.

35-year old Lucas has also been celebrating his new column in The New York Blade. This week, Russian born Lucas spilled some ink on his favorite subject, “anti-semitism” in the gay community. Lucas opens by wondering why so many gays support Muslim causes:

I’m disturbed that the world gay community is increasingly anti-Israel… How can gay people side with the Muslims who want to kill the Israelis?

Because every Muslim wants to kill Jews and fags. And, of course, ever single Jew in the world loves gay people.

Lucas goes on to outline Israel’s pro-gay policy – certainly a rarity in the Middle East. While Lucas makes some interesting – and valid – points, he again conflates anti-Israel sentiment with universal anti-semitism:

Unfounded attacks against Israel are sometimes called “Israel bashing.” My conclusion is that gays engaged in that bashing are doing it because of deeply-rooted anti-Semitism. After the Holocaust, anti-Semites felt they could no longer say “I hate Jews” in public. But they retained their anti-Semitism, and making ill-reasoned, unlimited attacks against Israel is the form that bigotry has taken. Gays, of all people–who understand what it is to be historically oppressed and unrecognized, not to mention bashed–should know better.

We fail to see the logic in this conclusion. Nowhere in the article does Lucas offer evidence of overarching anti-semitism in the gay community. He simply outlines Israel’s positive gay politics, bashes Muslim countries and then asserts that gays hate Jews. It seems to us that Lucas may simply be using this mythical Heeb-hatred to vent his virulent, frightening Islamophobia.

Of course, he’ll just use our opinion to further fuel his reactionary fire.