Mike Pence tweets that he wants a horse “inside” him and all of Twitter freaks out

This is a thing that actually happened.

On Friday afternoon, the current Vice President of the United States of America tweeted a picture of himself standing beside a white horse, along with a head-scratching caption:

Pence was taking a horseback tour of the Absaloka Mine near Hardin, Montana along with the Crow Nation tribal leaders, Montana Senator Steve Daines, and Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke.

The internet shared a collective “WTF” moment as they tried to make sense of the tweet, particularly of Pence’s use of a Ronald Reagan quote very few people remember and that some say might actually be from Winston Churchill.

Then, of course, there was the beastialic undertones of the whole tweet, which are ironic coming from a homophobe who once served on the board of an antigay group that compared homosexuality to beastiality and incest, among other things.

Naturally, the rest of Twitter had a field day over the V.P.’s post. Check out what they’ve been saying…

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  • Roan

    SMDH FFS. Clearly, he doesn’t know how to handle a horse. You don’t hold a horse by the bridle straps. He has reins right there. Or use a lead. If you’re not holding a lead or the reins, you have no control of the horse. Holding the bridle like that pulls the bit to the side or front and puts unnecessary pressure on the horse’s jaw and inflicts pain. Of course, with Pence inflicting pain and misery is standard procedure.

    • Coxhere

      “If you’re not holding a lead or the reins, you have no control of the horse.”

      But Homophobe Pense doesn’t want to control the horse. Homophobe wants the horse to control him!

  • He BGB

    So what does it mean? Reagan could have said it when in the throes of senility.

  • MacAdvisor

    Oh, please, are you people being purposely obtuse? There isn’t anything sexual or even slightly risqué about Pence’s quote from Regan. The statement means riding a horse can be a calming, relaxing activity that soothes one’s spirit and decreases anxiety. I don’t ride, so I can’t personally vouch that riding a horse will do that, but my several friends who do swear riding keeps them sane.

    I am not a Trump supporter; I think he is a buffoon. Spence’s politics are an anathema to me, but there is more than enough to complain about with these two that we do not need to make stuff out of nothing.

    This whole kerfuffle is b**lsh*t.

    • pudman56

      Really? Oh, thank you for the explaining that to us. Now, look up a web dictionary and look up the word sarcasm. Then look up idiot, you’ll find your picture.

    • trell

      Macadvisor: Are people being purposely obtuse?

      Why yes! We are!!

      Macadvisor: There isn’t anything remotely sexual or even slightly risque about Pence’s quote

      Erm…the rest of the internet begs to differ

      Macadvisor: This whole kerfuffle is b**ls**t

      Not B**sh*t. Horses**t? maybe, but funny as f**k!!

      In all seriousness, this odious little man is a very powerful political figure, and is one of the biggest current threats to LGBT rights in the US at the moment. He made a goof (just like almost every other close aide that Donald Trump has working for him), and just like anyone else who says stupid things, is being brought to task on it by the rest of the world. Personally, I think he got away lightly!

      But at the moment, with things looking bleaker every day for the LGBT community under this president, I for one will enjoy every moment that he and his aides f**k up!

    • Jaroslaw

      Trell – the whole internet begs to differ? (1) maybe so since the quote was misquoted and (2) I seriously doubt more than 0.1 % of the internet users have any idea what farm life is about. Much like Macadvisor, I feel Trump and Pence are about the two most hideous persons who could be in politics but misquoting this horse thing accomplishes nothing but makes the instigators look stupid.

    • DCguy

      Now remember, according to the right wing trolls, if Pence attacks lgbts and passes one of the most bigoted laws in the country, that is fine, but if you laugh at him, you need to be attacked because you are evil bullies.

      And by the way, you can always tell the Trump Supporters because they remember to put “I’m not a Trump Supporter” somewhere in their posts.

    • Roan

      Kerfuffle? This is very disappointing. I truly thought that Mike Pence wanted to get f*cked by a horse.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    A pale horse, of course.

    • DCguy


    • 1EqualityUSA

      Hey, now…Don’t spook the horse.

  • Xzamilloh

    You think he jacked it to Mr. Ed growing up?

  • pudman56

    It was either Pence or Kevin McCarthy who has also been to “Hungaria.” As usual, beware, don’t pay attention to what they say, but what kind of horse they’ll do.

  • Lvng1Tor

    if this wasn’t our President and VP…this Sh!t would be so much funnier

  • Heywood Jablowme

    This reminded me right away of Catherine the Great getting f*cked by a horse (supposedly).

    So they should tell Trump that a great Russian leader did this. Then Trump will want to do it too!

    • highestbidder

      And let the Russians post the pictures lol

  • Andrew Yang

    I love the joke about Pence, the horse and a bar…. hahahahaha..

  • Invader7

    Pence possibly trolls gay bars / bookstores/ truck stops and other assorted places for dick and probably is a big ole BOTTOM. The bigger the penis the happier he is …He’s just another DEEPPLY closeted gay ,self loathing republithug nut job !!!

  • GayEGO

    Michelle Pence is getting ready in case Donnella Trump is kicked out, I bet he has a lavender chiffon gown all set to wear for his inauguration!

    • DCguy

      Of COURSE he does! The taffeta one he bought first wrinkled waaaay too easily and mother didn’t approve.

  • Herman75

    (My best Paul Lynde voice) When Hillary and Trump are both finally out of the way, Pence can come out of his cocoon, like a big fancy butterfly.

  • stevetalbert

    Did Pence get to finally bareback?

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