Campaign Confused By Little Thing Called "Internet"

Mitt Romney Loves

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney repeatedly blasts gay rights, but his campaign accidentally supported the homos when it placed ads on

Over the course of at least two days in August, they may well also have seen banner advertisements about the Republican presidential candidacy of Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, according to an analysis of campaign Web advertising provided by the Nielsen Online, AdRelevance, monitoring service.

At least 32,000 times over those two days, users clicking on the site got a Romney ad like one saying “Mitt Romney for President – Join Team Mitt!” and a link to the candidate’s website.

A Romney campaign staffer attempted to explain the confusion by highlighting the internet’s apparent ambiguity:

Campaigns have been buying advertising on television for 40-plus years now; they’ve only been buying ads on the Internet for three or four years. It’s more uncharted territory, and everyone’s trying to figure it out.

Um, really? It’s not like “gay” suddenly takes on new meaning when in a technological context.