A touch of gay

If you had to model Unisex Silver Wax Pomade, you’d look pissed, too

“I said a little off the sides, you butcher!”

This is the face you make upon realizing your hair stylist has no chill.

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The below sponsored ad has been antagonizing our Facebook feed all week, and we have some questions:

Apparently, the product is an “Exclusive Silver Ash Hair Wax” from Japan that will “improve your look and turn stylish in minutes!”

Meanwhile, it looks like the spray-on hair dye we’d buy from Manic Panic every Halloween before egging our neighbor’s house and going to jail.

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Really, it’s a kind of of “Now I have to take a second shower today” kind of look.

The product itself looks like upscale  engine lube:

In mere minutes, you can send your hair back in time — to a 1994 rave in Seattle:

Initially in shock, this model is apparently trying to rip his visibly smoking hair out of his scalp: 

Have any of you tried this product? Maybe for a regional production of The Wizard of Oz? If so, you are braver than we.