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His mom asked what a “bussy” was, what happened next was kinda awkward

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When his mom asked what a “bussy” was, professional cake maker Jon Manganello couldn’t bring himself to tell her the truth. So he made up a convincingly enough lie. But he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“I told my mom ‘bussy’ meant boy,” Manganello recently tweeted. “She just sent photos of me and my brothers from our trip to Paris.”


And now, the responses…

One person begged Manganello not to tell his mom the truth.

But Manganello simply couldn’t have his mom casually using the word “bussy” whenever she was talking about her three grown sons. So he told her what it really means:

Turns out the joke was on him! Manganello’s mom already knew  and was just pretending she didn’t to see how he’d respond:

Well played, Mom.

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