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Montana Republican Wants Gays Deported, Says KKK = NAACP, is not so Different from Other Republicans

John Abarr is awful! Simply dreadful! The worst! Totally racist and homophobic! In other words, a Republican.

Okay, okay, we’ll admit that some Republicans are actually very nice people, some of them are not racists and not homophobic, and a few of them are even gay. (OR SO THEY CLAIM.)

But among Montana Republicans, John Abarr hardly stands out, even though he was once an organizer for the Ku Klux Klan.

A Montana blogger’s been busy researching Abarr’s place in the Republican party. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

To be fair, a lot of Republicans want him to stop Abarr from running for office as a Republican. It is totally embarrassing! And also, redundant.

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  • divkid

    and THIS, dear friends, is what comes of being raised in a family with an unstable mother. not to put all the blame on the poor dear; you’d be unhinged too if all *your* best pillow cases had eye holes…the sheer obscene waste…and those laundry bills!

  • Jake the libertarian

    I’m gay… and I’m definitely not a republican. But I think it’s worth pointing out that the last member of congress who was a member of the KKK was Robert Byrd of WVA. A democrat and not a friend to us homos.

  • Cam

    @Jake the libertarian:

    And he has since died of old age. This guy is alive, kicking and still able to introduce legislation.

  • Steve

    @Jake the libertarian: No, Robert Byrd is just the most recent Representative who was willing to admit that he was a member of KKK. There is a reason why KKK members wear hoods.

  • GayGOP

    This jackanapes is as much a representative of those of us who are conservative as Pol Pot was a representative of liberals everywhere.

    Please do not confuse my politics with the lunatics like this.

  • greybat

    Well, GOP, we’ll try. But can’t you guys keep your people in line?
    No wonder your Party has gone nuts!

  • the crustybastard

    @Cam: The Byrd Amendment to the so-called “DADT repeal” law exists to allow Congress one last shot at legislatively undoing the repeal process, should it ever become finalized.

    The filthy old bigot waits patiently in the shadows, undead and unblinking…

  • angelio

    What the hell do you guys expect from Montana???

    Its very sad too because Montana is such a lovely place, but the people are just awful

  • tjr101

    A racist Republican??? I’m shocked!

  • Shannon1981

    @GayGOP: what greybat said. If you want us to stop calling Republicans racists and homophobes, tell the majority of them to stop being racists and homophobes.

  • bywaterdog

    What can ya say, I live in the congressional district that elected David Duke. Bigots, racists,and homophobes are everywhere,some just hide it better than others.

  • John

    I regard theatrical BS like this as being part of a smoke-screen for what really is in play:

    | The Social Transformation Conference & the 7M Movement: via @addthis

    Summary: The New Apostolic Reformation’s drive to convert America into a witch-hunting, theocratic horror show–and they (via their proxies in the GOP) are gaining increasing control in a number of States. (BTW, the article includes a link to the folks at Truth Wins Out who also acknowledge this menace.)

    | If Almost 1/4 of US States Can Now Fund Creationism…: via @addthis

    Summary: These kids will be voting in a decade or so = a U.S. theocracy.

    More background:

    The Religious Right uniting with Religious Renegades, Part 1: via @addthis

  • Cam

    @GayGOP: said…

    “Please do not confuse my politics with the lunatics like this.”

    I get what you are saying, the problem is, when you support a party that has as it’s basis right now, the idea that I shouldn’t have rights, and we should go back to a time when gays were arrested for being gay, then you have to accept some responsibility for the support of them.


    @GAYGOP I don’t confuse your politics with this particular lunatic. I do associate anyone who supports the GOP with the actions of the GOP controlled house.(1. Defended DOMA 2. Attempting to stop the repeal of DADT.) Further I associate you with the actions of the Republican controlled legislatures in Texas,Minn.,Wis.,Tenn.,New Hampshire and yes Montana. Denying equal rights to gays and even preventing local communities from passing gay friendly laws. Just because I don’t confuse you with this lone nut-job does not disassociate you from all the other hateful policies your party champions.

  • Kev C

    @GayGOP: I don’t. The fact is most gay bashers in the US are Democrats.


    @Kev C: An interesting statement, Would you care to back that up with some supporting Facts?

  • Kev C

    @PLAINTOM: Sure, skipping anecdotal evidence and experience ..

    80% of the US Population lives in urban areas. With some exceptions, most urban areas vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Check the maps for voting patterns, percentages, registrations and affilliations.

    Where do most gays live?
    Where do must gay-bashers live?
    Where do most gay bashings occur?

    Urban areas filled with Democrats.

    Fact: Gays are most likely to be bashed .. in an urban area .. by a Democrat.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Both parties have their “kill the gays” people — and both those need to be pushed to one side, as the 20% or 30% of the population they are, and the rest of us get on to more important things.

    I have this “who is the most gay friendly party” conversation all the time — and so which? Democrats of the gays are worthy of death wing of Ruben Diaz, state senator of NY, or the Republican here? I can’t see the difference.

    Which is why I always argue the Tea Party’s “don’t treat on us either.” Though I add the “either,” and flummox the other. Gayness isn’t a political position, nor a platform of either party.

    It’s us against them – wherever we find them.

  • Adman

    @GayGOP: I can’t tell why you’ll self destruct. Is it this dissonance, or the rest of the billion-dollar welfare-subsidy queen crap you all believe in and root for, but meh. You’ll have zero ideas and even fewer plans to execute them. All’s well that’s status quo on the western front, eh? Meat grinders are the new eugenics, ask any repuke “leader”.

  • Sceth

    Correction (asterisked:
    “… and a few of them are even *straight*. (OR SO THEY CLAIM.)”

  • WillBFair

    Kev C does a good job of twisting the evidence.
    Here’s the trick. He says that dems live in urban areas, and since we’re bashed there, our bashers must be dems. Since most thugs who physically attack gays have modest incomes, they must be dems. Not. Thugs probably don’t vote one way or the other.
    How about the blue collar folk who vote republican. Are there no gay bashers among them? How about the rich republicans who promote hatred through the media and stop us from gaining basic rights? How about the religious right republicans who vote against us and lie about us on a daily basis?
    Bottom line: there are many kinds of bashing: physical, emotional, legislative, slanderous. But there is no evidence that the urban thugs who bash us are democrats. Unless Kev has conducted a survey at a dive bar that he’s not telling us about.

  • Mike in London UK

    Do they actually let people like this stand for public office?

  • Queer Supremacist

    Two words: Justifiable Homicide.

    Kill a Klansman for Jesus.

  • ait10101


  • Jeffree

    @Kev C: That’s a logical and a statistical FAIL. Do try again, though, because it’s funny stuff. [Hey, in your spare time do you also play chess with checkers?]

    To be a Democrat or a Republican requires party affiliation / registration. So, start by providing evidence that bashers are actually more likely to be registered voters than non-bashers.

    We’ll have even more fun when you’ve done that & you’re ready to learn how to work with percentages of percentages!

  • Kev C

    @Jeffree: So you’re disregarding anyone who was raised in a Democrat family, affiliated or supports Democrats, or will become a Democrat? Or those who profit from Democrat rule. I don’t see how you can dismiss a governing party from the results of their policies and leadership.

    If police recorded party affiliations with crime statisitics, we’d have a better picture. But since they don’t, we rely on statistical projections that are testable and consistent with the anecdotal evidence that supports this conclusion.

    Please reference the links I posted for your health.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: Or, we can skip all the general theorizing and speculation and rightfully conclude that gays are bashed by both parties, since there are anti-gay elements in both. That being said, I think it’s clear, ultimately, which party pushes pro-gay legislation through and which party works to repeal it or maintain things the way they are.

    @Kev C: I’m not attacking you, and I think you may be on to something, but isn’t this statement:

    “We rely on statistical projections that are testable and consistent with the anecdotal evidence that supports this conclusion.”

    a contradiction? What’s the point of relying on testable projections if you’re looking for consistency with anecdotal evidence? Doesn’t that point to an agenda, and therefore bias?

  • Kev C

    @TheRealAdam: Anecdotal evidence is used as an indicator, not as proof.

    We have tons of anecdotal evidence. Here’s one that you’ve probably heard:

    No one is surprised to hear of a homophobic incident in a Repub district in Texas, Utah, CO, OK, ALA, NC, etc. That’s so typical, they will say.

    But how many times have we heard: I’m surprised to learn that NYC is so homophobic. I always thought it was a liberal/democrat area. Or Philly, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, St Louis, Detroit, Los Angeles. All Dem areas, all with high levels of homophobia.

    And we hear these types of comments all the time that we shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Cam

    @Kev C:

    Oh Please, if you’re going to stretch statistics and make improbably claims, then I’ll do you one better.

    Most felons lose their rights to vote for a time or permanently depending on where they live.

    Most gay bashers already have records, therefore can’t vote, therefore don’t have a party. (Eye Roll)

    But Kev, as long as we’re talkinga bout bashing, why don’t we look at the last 5 years. Which party fought against our rights and which party after some pressure pushed for our rights?

    End of story.

  • delurker

    Kev C is a goproud scumbag (redundant). gay bashing thugs are apolitical. gay bashing politicians, you know the ones who initiate legislation against gays, are 95% republican. the latter are far more dangerous to gays than the former.

  • delurker

    but gay bashing politicians mostly have pink skin and wear suits, so they can’t be harmful, right kev c?

  • delurker

    @Jim Hlavac: damn, hlvac. isn’t your asshole sore from the last time i verbally tore you a new one? you ride the ruben diaz thing like a hobby hose, while ignoring he’s basically the ONLY ny senate dem against gay marriage. the entire NY repbublican senate caucus is against it.

    i think all the abortion bills passed by congress and various teatard state legislatures lay waste to the claim the TP is all about live and let live. they are comprised of social conservative bushies, moron.

  • Kev C

    @Cam: “Most gay bashers already have records, therefore can’t vote, therefore don’t have a party. (Eye Roll)”

    Most gay bashers are between early teens and early 20s and are just starting to form records. But they do come from families and neighborhoods, and reflect the values of those places.

    If we’re going to address the problems of bullying, bashing and discrimination against gays, we’re going to know exactly where the problems are so we can fund programs, policies, policing, etc. Public or political perceptions are simply not enough. Real data will be needed.

    Sorry if your party might be offended.

  • Kev C

    @Kev C: I meant mid-teens to mid-20s.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Kev C: I see what you’re saying.


    @Kev C: I just viewed your original response to my question. Interesting “analysis” (no facts) Simply assumptions and statistics applied in a slanted way. Utilizing your method of “analysis” Jews in Nazi Germany lived in ghettos which were 100% Jewish therefore all the Jews killed in Nazi Germany were killed by other Jews.

  • deurker

    @Kev C: “where the problems are so we can fund programs, policies, policing, etc. Public or political perceptions are simply not enough”

    I’ll turn my troll off for a second and ask a serious questions.

    If Republicans control the funding strings (especially in these times of anti-debt hysteria) does not even matter if these things are identified? They are not going to enact policies to make these things better.

    Like most Republicans (though you might deny you are one) you put the blame solely on minorities or “urban” people, but completely absolve mainly white Republican politicians who are mostly anti-gay. Why?

  • deurker

    @PLAINTOM: Yeah, kev c’s kind of an idiot, but therealadam thinks he’s smart and makes good points. what does that say about the thereal adam? haha

  • Kev C

    @PLAINTOM: “therefore all the Jews killed in Nazi Germany were killed by other Jews.”

    The nazis entered jewish neighborhoods from outside. Are you implying gay bashers in NYC are from Jersey? Ok.

    @deurker: For the record, I’ve criticized Republicans more than Democrats. Unlike you who give Dems a free pass to gay bash with impunity. “Urban” is not a racial classificiation, nor have I made any such statement in this thread. Gay bashers are also white, urban, democrats too. I know, I’ve met them. Please remember that I am the expert on gay bashings.

  • TheRealAdam

    @deurker: I’m sorry, but you’re a racist Negro @delurker: . Therefore, you do not register :).

  • Matt_miami

    When was the connection made that the KKK is a republican organization. The KKK was started in Tenn. in 1865 by southern dem. to punish freed slaves and northern republican during the southern reconstruction after the civil war. The South has been a Democrat strong hold until 1995. Those in the south that have started to vote for republicans do so because the Democrats have become to liberal and socialist. So, don’t blame the republicans for the KKK and don’t blame them if some former racist democrats start to vote republican.

    The first Klan was founded in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, as a terrorist organization[7] by veterans of the Confederate Army…As a secret vigilante group, the Klan targeted freedmen and their allies; it sought to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans.

    In 1915, the second Klan was founded and remained a small organization in Georgia. Starting in 1921…Reflecting the social tensions of urban industrialization and vastly increased immigration, its membership grew most rapidly in cities, and spread to the Midwest and West out of the South. Its predecessor had been an exclusively partisan Democratic organization in the South. The second Klan grew in the Midwest, where for a time, its members were courted by both Republicans and Democrats. The KKK state organizations endorsed candidates from either party that supported its goals; Prohibition in particular helped the Klan and some Republicans to make common cause in the Midwest. In the South, however, the southern Klan remained Democratic, closely allied with Democratic police, sheriffs, and other functionaries of local government.

    The third KKK. The “Ku Klux Klan” name was used by many independent local groups opposing the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation, especially in the 1950s and 1960s. During this period, they often forged alliances with Southern police

    In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired restoration of white supremacy. Its purposes were political, but political in the broadest sense, for it sought to affect power relations, both public and private, throughout Southern society. It aimed to reverse the interlocking changes sweeping over the South during Reconstruction: to destroy the Republican party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in every aspect of Southern life.

    Except for a short period of time in the 1920-1930’s there is no connection of the KKK with the republican party. The Democrats have owned the Klan for 150 years, don’t try and push it off onto the republicans.

  • dan4

    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

    Liberals, progressives, and all Democrats: You’ve been played. Stop being slaves to propaganda.

  • Steve

    The argument between Kev C and several others is perhaps interesting, but entirely beside the point. The political persuasions of gay-bashing criminals is basically irrelevant. (Of course, the “statistics” are wrong. 99% of “statistics” given in internet comments are wrong, including this one ;-)

    John Abarr absolutely is a Republican and has been a member of the KKK. He is not a Democrat, and there are no big cities in Montana (at least, not by coastal standards). And, as far as I know, he has not personally committed criminal assault-and-battery.

    Clearly, though, it does seem that most of the the “elected officials” who sponsor “anti-gay” legislation, are actually Republican. The statistics on that, might be interesting.

  • Matt_miami

    Abe Lincoln, the first republican president and second gayest president, (Buchanan was the first gay president), he used the opening sentence to the Declaration of Independence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN(gays included) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator(God created gays also) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” He used these ideas to persuade a nation to end slavery. (winning the civil war didn’t hurt either)

    How about using the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to win the argument with the religious conservatives. Otherwise you will never get what you want.

    P.s. Just because some racist pig calls himself a republican doesn’t mean

  • ZT

    Kev C. : Don’t bring up inconvenient truths to the gay ghetto. That’s not in their p.c. fantasies about who gay-bashers are.

  • Kev C

    @Steve: Most population statements are inferred from cross-validation of statistics. It makes them general and predictive, it doesn’t make them false. And I made a general statement: most gay bashers are democrats. It’s true.


    @Kev C: I was just using your same methodology, if you think it can produce erroneous results I won’t disagree with you.

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