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Montana Republican Wants Gays Deported, Says KKK = NAACP, is not so Different from Other Republicans

John Abarr is awful! Simply dreadful! The worst! Totally racist and homophobic! In other words, a Republican.

Okay, okay, we’ll admit that some Republicans are actually very nice people, some of them are not racists and not homophobic, and a few of them are even gay. (OR SO THEY CLAIM.)

But among Montana Republicans, John Abarr hardly stands out, even though he was once an organizer for the Ku Klux Klan.

A Montana blogger’s been busy researching Abarr’s place in the Republican party. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

To be fair, a lot of Republicans want him to stop Abarr from running for office as a Republican. It is totally embarrassing! And also, redundant.