More Junk From Junk-Food Purveyors: ID Bar Bans Gay-Friendly Sodas, Beers

Seems like just when you forgot that Idaho is Ground Zero for some of the most notorious hate groups in the country, some burger-making crazies in the Gem State decide to take a stand for Jesus and ban Pepsi, Miller beer and other products in league with Satan.

Mike and Mari Fuller of Waha Bar & Grill—home of the famous Triple Waha Burger and Fry Combo—have just plain had it with those tutti-frutti companies supporting anti-Christian organizations like the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

“The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce is an entity that collects money from major corporations to further promote policies for the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders,” said Mike Fuller. “And as Christians, we don’t support that.”

Of course you don’t, dear. But we are curious about a couple of things, though. One, what do your servers tell all those Lewiston kids when they order your carb-laden, kid-friendly raviolis with French fries?  Isn’t gluttony a sin?

Does Waha’s request to join the “conscientious-consumer movement,”  including charitable contributions to “non-divisive, non-political entities and charities such as cancer research, heart disease or fighting world hunger” happen to include placing, we don’t know, maybe one salad on that artherosclerotic menu of yours?

And with New York mayor Mike Bloomberg trying to outlaw trans fats and super-sized sodas, heart disease is quickly becoming a political issue.

GLAAD issued a statement connecting the dots: “The NGLCC works to secure a culture where gay people, including young adults, do not feel bullied. And it’s unfair policies like this that contribute to bullying and can even lead to violence.”

We’ll take that to go.