Lawrence King’s February murder continues to garner press. And, as we saw in The Advocate last month, some wonder whether King’s queer candor and flirtation invited gun man Brandon McInerney’s ire.

Consider Mississippi State University student Lazarus Austin’s recent op-ed:

By imposing his homosexuality on McInerney, he may have set McInerney off. McInerney may not have had an innate hatred of gay people. In fact, he may have tolerated homosexuality, while simultaneously thinking it was immoral, sinful or simply “uncool,” like many people do. King, however, may have gone too far by imposing his sexuality on others. Although King by no means deserved his fate, he may have unfortunately invited it.

So gross.

Meanwhile, a number of activists have signed a protest against The Advocate‘s aforementioned article, in which journo Neil Broverman posited a similar argument. The group, including PFLAG and the Triangle Foundation, write:

Rather than finding fault with them, we hope this incident will motivate everyone to work with us to change the climate in schools. Our unified message: This climate of fear must stop, so all youth learn to respect diversity rather than fear and hate it.

Lazarus Austin doesn’t agree. He thinks schools should eschew “tolerance” training in favor of stopping harassment. Promoting tolerance, he claims, encourages people to be gay. We hate to break it to you, Austin, but that’s not how it works.

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