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  • Bob

    Poor Elisabeth. She’s just as angry as the rest of McCain’s supporters that Americans aren’t herding like sheep to her beloved candidate. I expect her head to explode as the election gets closer. No big loss, though. She never was able to think for herself.

  • Okie

    If you think that the all the screaming and yelling this morning on the View was bad you should have heard me screaming and yelling at the TV.

  • Steff

    Holy shit. As a Brit I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Elisabeth Hasselbeck on TV before.

    I’m not sure I’d like to repeat that experience. She annoyed the fucking hell out of me.

  • Simba


  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Simba, are you really Churchill-y?

    The View is a sad indictment on what women think. Whoopi is the voice of reason but not well-prepared in arguing her case, Sheri Shepherd is an embarassment to herself and all women of color, Joy is always reacting but is not very good at articulating her point and Barbara is clearly bored and so full of her own self-importance and her pathetic legacy. Elisabeth Hasselbeck responds to fear and is adamant about winning every scorecard that the women often shout over each other. No women I know will watch this anti-feminist backwater show and gays on welfare just watch it to hiss at the blond right-wing nutjob faxing out her resume to Fox.

    Take a little time to NOT watch the View and maybe something better will come along.

  • Dave

    I love the View, and I like Elisabeth. If you watch everyday like I do you will know that she is ok with the gays and has no problem with gay marriage. Yes she is conservative but we need to listen to all sides without demonizing them.

  • Bob

    Dave, Elisabeth is a cunt. That whole “drink more of . the Obama kool-aid” thing was uncalled for. Joy should have called her a bitch. Or at the very least say, “why don’t you have more of the Palin kool-aid? Oh yeah, Palin’s too dumb to know how to make any.” I fucking can’t stand Elisabeth. I’d love it if Joy would just fucking deck her. Miserable right-wing cunt.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Right-wingers always bemoan that they are never heard despite their shrill-throttled shouting, lie, then deny the truth to be heard. Then, they send in the clean-up crew of conservative repeaters.

    Elisabeth is a horrible person masquerading behind a conservative agenda. Her son will be Gay, her daughter a liberal, her husband will leave her for a brunette and that’s when we know there is a Just God! By then, her bipolar condition will have become realised.

    Dave, you talk like a straight guy or gal trying to come off as gay or you are really boring. Sorry, if I seitan-ized you but you are dull indeed for a self-professed homo.

  • Dave

    I am okay with the attacks if that is what a few of you want to stoop to. I just think we need to listen to all sides. I am as gay as they come. I just think there are two sides to every argument. If we only listen to what we want to hear, we will never learn anything to help us with our fight. Believe it or not there are some conservatives who are not all evil.

  • Bob

    It’s easier to listen to someone’s arguments when they are more than simply the McCain campaign’s talking points, delivered in shrill, shouting matches and outright lies. Elisabeth doesn’t have an original thought in her mostly empty head. Let’s face it, at heart she’s nothing more than a Survivor loser and a mean-spirited cunt.

  • greybat

    I can appreciate that they need a conservative voice on the view, if for no other reason than to add the grist of drama to the proceedings.
    But couldn’t they cast an INTERESTING republican? Peggy Noonan would be alright, at least there’s a brain in there somewhere!

  • Joseph Miller

    Let face it Elizabeth just does not like Obama, but is her lost,on Nov5 we all will be holding our head up high for OBAMA!!

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