Mormon Church Comes Out In Favor Of LGBT Rights–For 24 Hours

angel moroni mormon LDSThe Mormon Church giveth and the Mormon Church taketh away. For all of 24 hours, it looked as if the Church had considerably softened its opinion on LGBT rights. The Church posted on a statement on its website dedicated to gay issues that was, for an outfit that was one of the prime obstacles to marriage equality, pretty accepting (relatively speaking, of course).

“The Church website mormonsandgays.org details sincere outreach by the Church within the gay community, including support in Utah for nondiscrimination protections of employment and housing.” the statement read. “There is room for compassion, common ground, and shared humanity among people who disagree, and Church leaders eagerly pursue these ideals, both inside and outside the Church.”

There is also room for the Church to disagree with itself. Within a day, the statement was revised to reflect a much more narrow view of compassion, limiting it solely to “support in Salt Lake City in 2009 for nondiscrimination protections of employment and housing.”

As for protections for the rest of the state–well, no support for that apparently. In fact the only reason why the Church is behind the 2009 law is that it has significant protections for churches, like, for example, the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

The Church insists the original statement was just a draft for the beta version of the website and was never meant to be final. Of course, we all publish our drafts on websites for all the world to see.

Don’t expect the Mormon Church to switch back to its original statement any time soon. Apparently, the state is concerned that supporting nondiscrimination protections would undermine its appeal of the court decision striking down its marriage ban in the bizarre belief that no rights are better than some.

H/t: The New Civil Rights Movement