Does New Single Make You Tingle?

Morning Aural: Garbage

We didn’t really know what to think when we heard that Garbage’s greatest hits album, Absolute Garbage, contained a new single. 1998’s Version 2.0 remains one of our favorite albums ever – it makes us tingle with residual teenage lust. Their follow-up work definitely struck a chord, the group’s been in a bad way in recent years. Fighting and the such.

The idea of a singular single – “Tell Me Where It Hurts” – reeks of “contractual obligation” or, even worse, “financial desperation”. So, how does the track play? It’s not that great. Kind of boring, really. No tingle. The video’s great, though and Shirley Manson look more beautiful than ever. We could look at her for days.

If you’re looking for some old Garbage excitement, check out 2.0‘s “I Think I’m Paranoid” and “Cherry Lips” from beautifulgarbage should do. After the j-u-m-p!