Morning Aural: Gheorghe Zamfir
We have to admit, we had never heard of Romanian musician Gheorghe Zamfir until Quentin Tarantino featured Zamfir’s classic, “The Lonely Shepherd” in Kill Bill Vol. 1. It was love at first listen and we’ve gone on to buy a number of his works.

Believe it or not, the 66-year old flutist originally wanted to play the accordion – a direction that would no doubt make reader Bryan squeal with glee – but turned to the flute instead. Zamfir studied at the Bucharest Academy of Music and shot to fame in the 1960s after Marcel Cellier helped spread his Romanian folk music. Zamfir’s aural aesthetic may be bound to his “ethnic” roots, but he’s not one for stagnation. He extended the Romania flute – known as a “nai” – from twenty bamboo reeds to thirty, giving it more range, depth and emotion.

This video may not be flashy, original or particularly entertaining, but one has to watch in awe as Zamfir manipulates those pipes.