Mr. Gay Denmark Michael Sinan Thomsen Comes Out… As A Queer Muslim

I don’t attend mosques in Denmark. Don’t like the atmosphere in these communities. I have a lot of Muslim friends who are really understanding about my homosexuality. They don’t treat me differently at all. However they are very careful about what they ‘like’ on my Facebook page. They are sadly afraid of what other Muslims might think of them… I also know gays from Muslim countries who turned their back on Islam. They are convinced that all religions, and especially Islam, hate gay people. This is my opinion: no one is gonna tell me that I have to choose between my religion or sexuality. We live in 2012 and there is every opportunity to live as a modern Muslim who is devoted to God.

I participated in the Mr. Gay competition because I wanted to show to gay and straight people that gay Muslims exist, and that I am proud to be one of them. And furthermore that modern Muslims exist, even straight modern Muslims.”

—Mr. Gay Denmark Michael Sinan Thomsen, discussing his Muslim faith and sexuality, to the Italian LGBT site Il grande colibri.

Photos: Michael Sinan Thomsen