Mr. Gay Denmark Michael Sinan Thomsen Comes Out… As A Queer Muslim

I don’t attend mosques in Denmark. Don’t like the atmosphere in these communities. I have a lot of Muslim friends who are really understanding about my homosexuality. They don’t treat me differently at all. However they are very careful about what they ‘like’ on my Facebook page. They are sadly afraid of what other Muslims might think of them… I also know gays from Muslim countries who turned their back on Islam. They are convinced that all religions, and especially Islam, hate gay people. This is my opinion: no one is gonna tell me that I have to choose between my religion or sexuality. We live in 2012 and there is every opportunity to live as a modern Muslim who is devoted to God.

I participated in the Mr. Gay competition because I wanted to show to gay and straight people that gay Muslims exist, and that I am proud to be one of them. And furthermore that modern Muslims exist, even straight modern Muslims.”

—Mr. Gay Denmark Michael Sinan Thomsen, discussing his Muslim faith and sexuality, to the Italian LGBT site Il grande colibri.

Photos: Michael Sinan Thomsen


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  • hf2hvit

    RELIGION KILLS…look what it does to common sense

  • dgmoeller

    I understand believing in God, I was brought up catholic, was a born again Christian, now not sure what I believe now. What I do not understand is aligning with a RELIGION that promotes the idea that homosexuals are going to hell. It really does not make any sense to me. You either believe what the religion teaches or you don’t?

  • alfie

    This is sad, and he’s a coward. Islam is scary, and he’s a coward. That’s why he’s okaying in a religion that said that he deserves hell and he doesn’t deserve the same rights as the straight men.. I mean, if straight men are allowed to have 4 wives, and gays doesn’t even deserve one and have all the rights to go to hell or to be hanged.
    He’s a coward….

  • Tom_D

    @hf2hvit: @alfie: You are both pathetic ignoramuses. Why don’t you educate yourselves instead of buying in to a bunch of Islamaphobic bullshit. There are liberal Muslims around who are trying to reform Islam. Maybe they deserve our support instead of our hatred.

  • bystander

    It seems like making broad statements about Islam is about as silly as making broad statements about Christianity. Neither are really a single religion, but a collection of religious denominations with very different beliefs. There isn’t much anyone can do if people want to go around believing in God and supernatural silliness, but at least acknowledge they aren’t all the same.

  • alfie

    @Tom_D: These “liberal Muslims” are those who are trying so hard to close their eyes to some verses/teaching that don’t make any sense. They’re in Islamic sense are hypocrites, because they choose to believe some verses and not the others. They made up new rules so that it matches science, morals, their countries law, etc.
    It’s pathetic really. They either want God so bad that they allow Islamic concept of God (which is a God that’s horrible, that wants your love as well as putting you in hell for eternity if you make mistakes), or they are just cowards who can’t think for themselves.
    FYI, Tom, I was a muslim and live in a muslim country and my whole family are still muslim. So you can’t say that I don’t know anything.

  • Eric Auerbach

    Guy’s clearly a moron, but least he’s got a great bod. Just put a ball gag on him when fucking him.

  • Cam

    Good, the more people that come out in these conservative religions, the better.

    It is the same problem that the Mormons are going to have to deal with…and that is, that “Good Mormon” families keep having gay kids.

    The more “Good Muslim” families that have their kids come out the better.

    So good for this guy.

  • hamoboy

    @alfie: How about you go after Christianity with that kind of fervour? You’re bloody ignorant if you think there aren’t moderate muslims. Open your eyes to the real world, and not just what the mainstream media wants you to see. In most non-arabic countries Islam is no more oppressive than christianity (i.e, still pretty oppressive).

  • Adil_rafiq

    Wow… well said @hamoboy: this would be exciting news if there weren’t thousands of gay Muslims already present in the world. i’ve said it before as well, Queerty needs to be a little more pro gay and a little less anti-Muslims, anti politics, anti anything. and as Hamoboy put it, gays are just as oppressed in Christianity, difference is that the choose to let go of Christianity a lot more easily.

  • Adil_rafiq

    and @alfie it was you’re choice, and maybe the people around you who were homophobic, everyone isnt as rigid as some people. and you’ll find ppl just as rigid in no muslim areas instead, so stop with the islamophopic posts please, post something that wll actually create awareness for the better than something that would illicit poisonous comments from people who have to much hate and time on their hands.

  • Adil_rafiq

    *eye roll* i hate typos. Non Muslim areas Aswell*, Will*

  • stadacona

    What a complete and utter fool. No such thing as a queer muslim. They are mutually exclusive.

  • Cam


    So there are no gay Catholics or gay Mormons either?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Cam: I don’t know about Catholics, but you cannot be an out and proud gay man AND a Mormon in good standing.

  • nwilsontaylor

    Here’s what’s wrong with homosexuality and same sex “marriage.” I know that there will be howls of protest calling for my immediate execution with hate spewed my way, however save yourself the time it takes to send comments, because I have heard it all…everything you’re going to say and whine about.

    So here goes: Have you ever heard the saying, “Love the sinner, but hate the sin”? You confuse the two. Normal people loathe the sin of homosexuality. That is not loathing the person…but loathing the sin.

    The FAMILY ..the earthly Trinity – man/woman/child – is the living image of God on this earth because of the procreative aspect of marriage and children.

    So what then is homosexuality? Man/man and woman/woman? That my friends is the image of sin and evil…the image of satan.

    Many of you hate God, hate Christians, hate the Catholic Church, hate Muslims, and hate all people of good will, hate Republicans, hate people who are happy, hate normal families, hate everything except homosexuality. Why are you so filled with hate? Is it because of your participation in a lie? Sin? Debasing your sexuality for addictive carnal pleasures so that all you ever think about is sex, sex, and only sex. You never utter a sentence unless it has homosexual undertones.

    Religious people see that mankind is supposed to be made in the image and likeness of God, therefore know that the preservation of the family (man/woman/child), the basic unit of society, is critical for the good of all.

    Therefore, they also see that homosexual “marriage”, being the image and likeness of satan, is dangerous for the common good of society. Going naked in public, men dressing as women, women having their breasts sliced off, golden showers, frothiness and all your vulgar language and twisted sex…that is not what God intended for mankind…or for you as an individual. You want that taught in schools against the decency that parents want their children taught. You want to ruin anyone’s business if they won’t hold one of your “wedding” receptions. You want to legislate sin and then wonder why people are opposed!

    By this point your mind is so filled with hate that you will say anything. However, save yourself the time. As stated above, I’ve heard it all.

  • lemon-lime

    @nwilsontaylor: Silly rabbit.

    “Going naked in public, men dressing as women, women having their breasts sliced off, golden showers, frothiness and all your vulgar language and twisted sex…that is not what God intended for mankind…or for you as an individual.”

    None of these things are in any way related to being homosexual. Ask yourself: “Why do I attribute all these things I find disgusting to one people group, when I know for a fact that all these things are practiced by individuals from all people groups?”

    If you’ve heard it all before and still think you have any idea about what it really means to be gay, you haven’t been listening. I’m proud to be a Christian. I’m also proud to be a gay man in a committed relationship. I and my partner of 3 years attend a church which is gay affirming, and there are many like us in attendance. We hope to marry one day. None of the things you talk about apply to me.

    So please try again. No hate, just incredible sorrow and disappointment that you are so blind, my friend.

  • alfie

    @hamoboy: Lol, just because someone is Islamophobic doesn’t mean they are ignorant and “dont see the world”. Just look at the ex-muslim site, and those people who have been impacted by Islam (not Muslim). I have many moderate muslims, and yes, they’re cowards. Because they know deep down that there’s something wrong with this religion and this Qur’an, but they choose to ignore it for their own convenience.

  • alfie

    @Adil_rafiq: Some “Islamophobic” don’t hate Muslims (We hate Muhammad, who created all these mess). I can see that you moderate muslims wants everything to be peachy, peaceful, wonderful, but you have to forget about other people then. It force you to be selfish, because in Islam being gay is a no-no. You yourself is okay to think that being a gay muslim is okay, and have your own inner peace, but you just do it for your sake. And you don’t think about other gay people, other future gay people. Tell me, why is it men can marry 4 wives at most (Qur’an:4.3), and even Muhammad married more than 4 wives at the same time(Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62) and even have sex with a 9 year old girl (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58), but NOT EVEN ONCE, mentioned in Qur’an that gays are allowed the same love. Even the opposite, “Why do you practice your lust to men in preference of women” (Qur’an 7:80-81)?

    Think about that, or just forgot to think about that and choose other verses to believe as your own convenience, like what most “moderate” muslims do.

  • Charlie in Charge

    Everyone cherry picks the parts of their religion that they practice; I’m happy that he has a relationship with the divine that makes sense to him and enriches his life. By being open he is possibly paving a way toward a more accepting practice of Islam in parts of the world.

  • MartinDK

    Islam is very different from christianity because it commands its followrs to kill all the time. Kill the infidels, kill the muslims who reject islam, kill the gays, kill the jews, stone the adulterers etc etc
    This insistence on orthodoxy leaves no place for interpretation. Jesus made parables, mohammed made laws. Parables are interpreted in a new way in each generation and can live with a changing society. Islam stifles change. Dont believe me? Look at the countries of the wstern world and the muslim countries. Its hard to overlook the difference.
    The guy is an idiot. His muslim friends would have to kill him to be good muslims…

  • brent

    @hamoboy: I think most people in america critize christians. It is rare to hear criticism of islam. Denmark should know after those riots over some dumb cartoons. I have never seen anything like that with christians.

  • brent

    @Cam: Well Cam i think there is a difference. A mormon gay kid doesn’t have to worry about his parents beheading him in an honor killing.

  • Billysees

    @dgmoeller: Re 2 “I understand believing in God,….

    Christian religions are basically founded on holy texts, by a founder and by the work of the Holy Spirit at the time of their beginning.

    Most don’t change much since that time.

    What is so often needed by many folks is a forward looking, modern or “new” understanding of things.

    Here then may be a good solution to your not being “sure what I believe now”.

    Use the inspiration provided by scripture as your guide.

    Get a handle on at least three verses as a help.

    First — “Work out your “own” salvation” (understanding)……Philippians 2:12
    You’ve gotta do this all by yourself. It’s quite a personal thing.
    Then your eventual satisfaction will be yours and yours alone.
    This’ll require some prayer of course.
    In other words…do your “own” thing…it’s as simple as that.

    Second — “The Holy Spirit will guide each one of us into the future and will help us understand the things we should believe and the things we should do with our lives”……Jesus said this……John 16:13
    This is my own paraphrase and is meaningfully simple to me.
    It is also written as “being led by the Spirit of God”…..Rom 8:14

    Third — “The Kingdom of God is not in word (scripture), but power (the Holy Spirit)……’s not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit……1Cor 4:20…Rom 14:17

    All of the above is an attempt to encourage one to do things on their own and by themselves and not so much rely on what churches or religions teach.
    Churches and religions and their teachings are not wrong, but are simply NOT always applicable to everyone.
    Any or all scripture verses are NOT always applicable to each and every individual.
    Jesus for example encouraged folks to go and preach the Gospel.
    How many people want to do that? Very few.
    Most of us do “other” very important work like being a nurse or an engineer or something like that.

    The Holy Spirit and the work it’ll do in us will “trump” anything the scripture has to say.
    The scripture does not tell the Spirit what to do.
    The “Spirit of God” will do whatever it wants to.

    As for being gay….I see and personally experience “NO” problem here (I did at first)….and I thank the Spirit that makes that possible in me.

    I’ve learned over my many years that “the Spirit and the Spirit alone is all that really matters”.

  • BrokebackBob

    Good luck with that Gay Muslim gig outside Denmark, unfortunately you’re
    going to really really need it.

  • InscrutableTed

    @Eric Auerbach: That’s not really a good comparison. Unlike the Catholic Church or Mormon (LDS) Church, Islam has no central authority. There’s no official person to say who is or isn’t a Muslim.

    So if this guy wants to identify as a Muslim, he can do that, gay or not.

  • Billysees

    @lemon-lime: Re 17 “Going naked in public…

    You’ve spoken well here.

    Good for you.

    “Your proud to be a Christian” is one of the finest things that can be said by anyone.

    I am too.

    To have that “knowing” of being accepted and loved by our creator-God is and example of the “unspeakable gifts” Paul wrote about.

    Best wishes to you and your partner.

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