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Murder Jokester 50 Cent’s New Slaughter Target: Gay Weddings

No stranger to targeting the homos, 50 Cent — who’s expected to show up in New York this weekend with the Eminem/Jay-Z tour — took out his hatred on a certain gay gossip blogger by targeting all you homos who want to get married. Fail.

The rapper uploaded this image to his Twitter account with the caption, ” Perez hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.” (The spat continued, as these things do, over a few more tweets, with 50 eventually saying, “Stop being so sensitive its a joke. Your acting like a big baby have a nice day…And my next song will make your sweet ass dance lol chill out.”

Interestingly, GLAAD has yet to issue a call to action, or whatever it does these days. Which makes sense, because last time 50 Cent, whose mother is bi, went off on the gays — in a Playboy interview — the organization turned it into a publicity coup by inviting the rapper to the GLAAD Media Awards. Because he’d learn to watch his mouth by … eating scallops in black tie?

Whatever, dude. Keep calling attention to your own sexuality rumors by going ballistic.

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  • adman

    I dunno if 50 is a douchebag or not, but everything he touches turns douchebaggy, so this is what I’m led to believe.



    I will gladly keep calling attention to his sexuality rumors……….

  • Soupy

    Something tells me that if you have been shot that many times, a few times – you deserved it.

  • Enron

    To be honest, the picture is hilarious, weird, but hilarious. He didn’t say the derogatory f word used by many homophobes to describe gays. Considering that Perez pulled his tongue, I think fair is fair. Gay people will need to understand that, the world is not gonna be a perfect place for all of us, not everyone will be able to be on their P’s and Q’s every time. We need to also laugh at ourselves sometimes.

    The two grooms running for their lives along with the guest behind – LOL!

  • jason

    The music industry is absolutely homophobic. I’ve been saying this for a long time but many of you keep pretending that it’s not. It’s time for us to get feral on this industry. No more Mr Nice Gay.

    50 Cent is a vile piece of human debris and so is Eminem. And so is MTV for enabling them.

  • Ogre Magi

    5o cent is about all this fool’s opinion is worth!

  • Fitz

    That is a funny pic! It made me think of a great art project involving stringing up some young black guys from a tree. hee hee. Just f’ing hilarious. See how that works?

  • tallskin2

    I’ve posted this before but it’s always worth repeating whenever these braindead thugs are mentioned.

    the wonderful stephen fry commenting on them

  • craig

    What an asshole, and what an offensive message he posts. Think I ll save my fifty won’t surprise me to see one of his “homies” shoot his ugly black azz some day..with all of their talk of violence and guns and all (tragic people) No class.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Whenever these homophobic breeders get caught with their douchebreeder comments, they always say “lighten up it’s just a joke”. Would you find it funny if I joked about blowing up a black church?

    Not surprising that he’s going on tour with Eminem, who reminds me of Rolf from The Sound of Music in both dye job and ideology.

  • Preston

    Aside from his obvious hate filled message, the entire hip-hop culture has polluted American pop culture – it’s like a cancer. It would be different if talent was involved but obviously hip hop requires none.

  • Mac McNeill

    When rappers talk about killing cops, why wouldn’t they think twice about shooting up a gay wedding. I’ve yet to figure out the attraction to rap. I guess it the only way for people to make money in the music industry without talent.

  • kiaba360

    Damn 50, constantly getting himself in these situations. At one point, he’s gonna learn that his jokes are very distasteful, if he hasn’t already, Or maybe he just doesn’t give a fuck lol. I am a fan of his music, which probably doesn’t say a lot about me to everyone else lol, but this kind of foolishness I’ve learned to expect from him, and I don’t take it serious. I don’t appreciate nor support the joke, but what can you do?

  • CaseyS

    So he wants to kill his own mother.
    What an evil scumbag.

  • Charlie

    Wow… I didn’t imagine I could hate 50 cent as much as I hate Perez Hilton.

  • dontwant2bpoliticallycorrect

    my grandfather told about the days when a nigger lynching never made the news…god how times have changed, mayb not for the better.

  • nineinchnail

    Lets send the KKK round to hus place for a visit.

  • Rick Brannon

    Someone needs to take him out.

  • Ryan

    Wow, he said what he said and it was wrong , but come on people you don’t have to talk about hanging black people and lynchings what is wrong with you , Racism and Homophobia is in the same Category , i am White and what 50 cent said make me sick but i would never talk about hanging a black person or the KKK. you all that mentioned that are just as terrible as he is .

  • Queer Supremacist

    @nineinchnail: I’d like to see statistics on KKK membership before and after the invention of gangsta rap.

    I hope this overcharged clown meets the same fate as Biggie and Tupac.

    How many more posts before the “white gay men have enough rights already” crowd accuses us of racism?

    Homophobia: Where The Trailer Park Meets The Ghetto

  • vinnyc

    Not to sound racist, but in this case any gay guy who wants to huddle with him needs a gaybashing. He is just so full of himself and he isn’t even all that LOL!
    Get a life and puts some clothes on the women in your videos. Show some respect to the black women. they deserve better than retards like you.

  • NAP79

    Perez Hilton calling someone a douchebag is like Sarah Palin calling someone an idiot. Both of these assholes are talentless imbeciles.

    Given the chance, I can’t say I wouldn’t shoot Perez Hilton. At the very least I’d beat him with a sock full of doorknobs.

  • Molly

    What the everloving fuck.

    I love what Rufus Wainwright said after he found out 50 was homophobic:

    “I love, love 50 Cent,” Wainwright tells Details. “I think he’s just the sexiest, and a brilliant writer. And I know he’s gay.”

    When asked to explain why he’s so sure Fiddy is gay, Wainwright said, “That cute little voice of his. It’s okay, 50 Cent. Feel free to call me anytime. My boyfriend and I are experts. You can come over for dinner. And maybe dessert.”

  • Aunt Clara

    @NAP79: At the very least I’d beat him with a sock full of doorknobs.

    Why waste a perfectly good sack of doorknobs?

  • cubbie

    Could you imagine what would be brought about, if these gay people decided to tweet something about “shoot up a N*&&*& wedding”? There would be a million man march in DC over that. if he is gay, then he needs to stay in the closet… do we really want someone as ignorant and hateful as him on our side?

  • SomethingElse

    Queer Supremacist : The (ridiculous) KKK membership thing, from what I’ve read, has always been going down. It’s basically just a very tiny far fringe group. Blacks, though, since the civil rights movement have increased their murder rate against each other four times over. I’ve often wondered if gangsta rap was partially to blame for that, or was something to emerge from that. Whatever the case, isn’t it amazing that such a dysfunctional bunch would actually have the gall to citicize gays or ANYONE else?

  • Lamar

    Look, just because he is homophobic and happens to be black does not suddenly make it O.K. to berate the whole black community as homophobic. When a famous white person calls someone a nigger the no-one suddenly berates white culture as intrinsically racist they just reprimand that particular person and rightfully so. Talk about double standards.
    In addition country music does feature a lot of homophobic lyrics due to the southern conservative background many country artists are from so before you people jump on your high horse saying how everybody else’s culture sucks but yours you should probably reflect on that.

  • Jason

    you guys hurt my feelings , I’m gay and black and i feel like you guys are saying things thats uncalled for because it sounds really Racist. 50 cent is disgusting, his music is disgusting his face is Disgusting and Disturbing,but why not talk about him or what you would like to do to him . why talk about Black people like that. guess what the KKK doesn’t like Gay people of any race either. so talk about the hanging of black people , but just know you would be right along side of me for being gay. 50 cent is useless , he’s not even worth a quarter. come on guys lets top with those Crude Comments. its right on the same level as 50 cent mentality.

  • NAP79

    @Aunt Clara: You’re right, a sock full of doorknobs doesn’t deserve to repeatedly come in contact with fugly ass. I apologize to doorknobs everywhere ;-)

  • Soupy

    Can I play with that sack full of doorknobs?

  • adman

    @Lamar: Countering “White Culture” in the United States as inherently racist is an academic discipline, and it’s very lucrative. Not to mention, it’s very true, in many instances. However, what do you have to offer the discussion as a way forward Lamar? Oh that’s right, nothing. Black folks sold out their inherently moral position to their hateful church leaders by joining the culture warriors against LGBT’s and Women, and they look like a bunch of frickin’ provincial turds for doing so. As is only just, since that’s exactly what they are. Fuck ’em, they hate us, they hate you, Lamar, get used to it. (Think for yourself for a change and for you it will be a huge change) and move on. The homophobe Black establishment owns you, and you let them, you f*cking tool.
    Black history month should be abandoned for excluding the SGL voices within it’s history, I say f*ck everything Black and American until we can can see the LGBT’s amongst ourselves as equals. There was no moral victory in the African American struggle for equality, just a continuation of the same old struggle for another class of people. Sorry, no cookie, toss out your 90’s BS textbooks and start over, Lamar.

  • SomethingElse

    Jason : I’ve known black gay guys I thought were totally wonderful. I’m all on the side of black gay guys who deal with homophobia in their own communities. And in some cases racism when it’s uncalled for. My problem is with the uber-liberal white gay community still trying to push down my throat the idea that gay civil rights are an extension of black rights etc. No, they are two different things. And the African-American community has nothing but problems they’ve made for themselves and have no right to be such homophobes. We gays restore homes and neighborhoods, we don’t destroy them. But I have total respect for individual gay black men who try to maintain higher standards.

  • RLS

    Well, the GayKK on this site sure is great at fighting homophobia with racism. Way to make your gay black brethren feel welcome, guys! 50 is a known douche but some of you are really no better.

  • DoYouWantTheTruthOrSomethingBeautiful

    I’m getting tired of the black gay people here trying to shield the black community from criticism. When they’re wrong they’re wrong stop trying to use white guilt/emotional appeals to stop people from talking the truth.

    From another black gay person.

  • Lamar

    “What I have to offer as a way forward” is that when a person says something homophobic gays should protest THAT PERSON, rally against THAT PERSON whatever but your let’s just call all blacks “provincial turds” ain’t gonna get the gay rights movement anywhere. “What I have to offer” is that people like you stop treating the black community as a WHOLE as homophobic, how can you go from some black people are homophobic to every single black person that exists is homophobic, your logic really has me wondering if you are writing this from a psychiatric ward. Oh, by the way I’m not a f*cking tool you ignorant prick you are, obviously you’ve let your broad assumptions of black people persuade you to come up with 100% pure undiluted bull.

  • Black Pegasus

    LOL @ the typical race mob of queerty…You racist kneejerk queens are as predictable as paint drying.

    Anyhoo, LAMAR’s #26 comment is the truth! When WHITE MEN are “Behaving Badly” no one looks at the entire White Race and condemns them for the action of one idiot. Yet all Black People must wear the burdens of Homophobes who happens to also be Black.

    So should I conclude that ALL WHITE GAY men are just as Racist as their Heterosexual counterparts? Judging by the comments here, it would be easy for me to do so, but that would make me just as ignorant as some of you!

  • Jason

    just to let anyone know , I’m not trying to shield anything . the black community as a whole do not accept me and i know that. I don’t go to Church because of the hatred they spew onto others. i don’t condone anything anyone does that will hurt or discredit anyone that is under LGBT at the same time i am Black and it hurt to hear people sound like they are straight out of the 1940’s and 50’s with the blatant Racism. There is no White guilt, at least not from me , i have white friends who i love very much and for the most part the white people i know are good people. but some of the comments made are uncalled for. that’s just what i think. Take for it what you will. we should be banding together as one to stop people like 50 from doing this instead of stooping to his level and fighting with each other. This is exactly what he wants .

  • concretepinata

    @Soupy: Wat?

    So 50 is butthurt because Perez dissed him. Resultantly he advocates violence against gays, a whole subsect of people. When I read that I think of how he might like to be generalized as a shitty pimp turned shitty rapper, or a black guy that’s horribly closeted and bigoted. Likewise that’s where I believe a lot of the commenters postings of the KKK and the like are coming from, from that stream of thought, not because they are a “typical race mob” (LOL).
    Irony must get a case of the sads when a member of one minority advocates hurt toward another.

  • Pip

    @Soupy: haha. i think at least a few of those bullets were for the shitty music he’s produced over the past decade. “candy shop” and “in da club” have to be two of the dumbest songs i’ve heard in my life

  • jason

    Blacks are a selfish minority. They only believe in civil rights for themselves.

    Also, you don’t hear many blacks criticizing other blacks. I haven’t heard one black person of note criticize 50 Cent.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    I don’t like Perez Hilton, but I vehemently despise 50 Cent and the whore who put him on the map, Eminem. The world would be a better place without those two rap twats. And while we’re at it, get rid of Jay-Z and Kanye West as well. A room with those four in it may as well be dinner with the Axis of Evil.

  • Soupy

    Jason, you lose all credibility when you start on the “blacks are this, and blacks are that” crap.

  • bb

    “A black guy at work called me a douchebag so I shot up a black wedding, wasn’t his but still made me feel better”. I wonder if Fiddy Cent would find that funny, if not, lighten up Fiddy.

  • cubbie

    @Black Pegasus:

    He was called a douchebag by ONE just ONE gay man, yet 50 wants to take a out a group of gay people at a gay wedding…. interesting.. talk about kneejerk emotions…

  • adman

    @Lamar: I think you’ll note I called the Black Establishment as a whole homophobic, so thanks for trying to put words in my mouth, but no thanks. Start over.

  • Sexy Rexy

    As a black gay man, I have to say that BOTH groups are getting on my fucking nerves right now.

  • Greg from Denver

    I have no affection for either Perez Hilton or 50 Cents and I usually try to avoid anything to do with either one. However in this case Queerty’s headline pulled me in. I found the threat of physical violence against a whole community for his displeasure with one member of that community to be highly offensive and homophobic.

    But the irony of the same people who feel the offense turning around and doing the exact same thing with racists rants floors me.The verbal threats of violence making it worse. It almost makes me ashamed to be a white gay man except that I know that most of the bigots on this thread do not represent me and as blind as they are to their own bigotry there is probably nothing I can do to change it.

    I thank Ryan, Lamar, Jason and Black Pegasus for trying to remind the crowd that the gay community also has a black face and when homophobia is met with racism it probably does more harm to the community by reinforcing negative stereotypes among people who think homosexuality is a white man’s disease and are blind to the hurt in their own families and communities.

    Please think before you post and ask yourself if you are being just as hateful and hurtful as the person you are angry with.

  • adman

    @Greg from Denver: “I thank Ryan, Lamar, Jason and Black Pegasus for trying to remind the crowd that the gay community also has a black face”

    Until the “other than Black” gay community tries to accomplish something, then suddenly they have no Black allies, gay or straight, just a whole lot of Black saboteurs. If you don’t believe me, get involved in your town, go to the City Council meetings and sit back to watch the fireworks. Your “gay issue” will quickly become boggged down in anti-racist positions, and sidetracked for a “more inclusive” racial format. Who will be doing the lifting then? You guessed it, Black Gays. Half of them bragging about it in church on Sunday, the other half sitting on their asses so nice try, milquetoast. But solutions are going to take much more than that. You have to think like a thug, and twist arms. THAT’S politics in the Black Community, if you don’t believe me, AT LEAST post one reason why, instead of dodging the question like every black poster on Queerty has spent all day doing. Nothing worse than a cheap ass kisser, shit.

  • hephaestion

    50 Cent is not just dumb, he’s ugly as sin, too. Poor loser.

  • Greg from Denver


    Maybe I’m lucky to have just spent the last 20 years in Denver, Colorado. I was here in 1992 when our majority white state voted to deny GLBT civil rights through something called Amendment 2. Our first black mayor, Wellington Webb, led the march election night to the state capitol in protest, and helped organize the meeting the next night in the Baptist Church. He was also one of the plaintiffs in the law suit that would come to be known as Romer vs. Evans that has served as much of the basis for our legal recognition. Maybe because I know Penfield Tate the son of Boulder, CO first African American Mayor who was very vocal in supporting GLBT rights in all his political career. Maybe it is attorney Dani Newsum who was a board member on our GLBT Community center or Colorado, and currently serving with Project Angelheart. Check out Darrell Watson who was part of our local stonewall democrats and ran for city council. I’m sorry if you don’t know African American People working for our civil rights, but they are not invisible. Feel free to google some of the ones here in Colorado. I haven’t mentioned friends who aren’t public figures because I want to respect their privacy, but they are out there. too.

  • adman

    @Greg from Denver: Maybe you’d understand my cynicism if you were from LA. Go try and get involved there, and you’ll understand the scars I got with the best of intentions. Politics there are racial, that’s the deal. Gays, we’re no go territory politically and the Black community loves it that way. SGL’s don’t apologize for Obama and the Dem machine there, because we know better. According to LA Black politicos there, people like Duval in Mass, etc., Are naive. The received wisdom is “punish the gays, you’ll get political capitol” and that’s exactly what happens. It’s big business, and because a bunch of AA queens on Queerty can’t seem to own up to the strife created and nurtured in their own community, we have to hear it AGAIN, and AGIAN, it’s nauseating. Live in a city as a gay with an actual powerful Black political machine that has influence, and tell me you’re getting your needs met. I dare you. In America? F*cking Riiiiiiiight.

  • Evan

    @Black Pegasus:

    So should I conclude that ALL WHITE GAY men are just as Racist as their Heterosexual counterparts?


    That being said, while some of the comments are definitely racist, others are just trying to make a point by analogy – that is, when people talk about shooting up gay weddings (or otherwise killing us) it makes us feel the same way as it might make a black person feel to hear people talk about lynchings. They’re trying to say that the first is unacceptable for exactly the same reasons as the second – not that the second is acceptable.

    But yes, you’d be justified in assuming that white gays hold racist views at about the same rate as white heteros. Certainly there’s no obvious reason to think otherwise.

  • j

    @vinnyc: I’m sorry, I thought the “black women” clothed themselves? What a mysoginistic and controlling worldview you obviously have if you make a comment like that without even thinking. Correct your attitudes mate.

  • Lamar

    @jason: Blacks are not “a selfish minortity”, those who voted for things such as Prop 8 are but then again anyone white, black or otherwise who voted for Prop 8 is selfish. The way to encourage blacks are not homophobic to remain so is not by calling them all selfish.

    Are you saying that because some black people are in power gay issues are sidelined? And what is the “Black establishment” you speak of?

  • Fitz

    Not that it matters, in that most of you don’t know me, but my comment in #7 was NOT a call to lynch. It was an intentionally offensive and provocative comment about making light of one oppressed groups’ threats. When the gays and the people of color, (and all the people whose lives are in danger simply because of who they are), can find some capacity for empathy the world will be better for all. I am sad that my comment was taken as permission for racism. It was intended very much to show how ugly we can all be toward each other (and therefor how decent we should be). The reality in the psyche of lynching for black men is probably not that different from the reality of the fear of gay bashing I deal with.

  • Chitown Kev

    @Sexy Rexy:

    Right now?

    Both groups have BEEN wrecking my po’ nerves for quite sometime.

    That’s why as a rule, I saty away from thread like this. I will not be placed in the position of defending Fity (and if you really want a gay pic of him, someone needs to get that pic of him with Bette Midler) and I’m not going to be placed in the position of defending gay racists either.

  • adman

    @Lamar: “And what is the “Black establishment” you speak of?”

    Just GTFO with playing dumb. Seriously, say what you mean, or dance by yourself, frickin’ jagoff.

  • The Artist

    I’m not sure why 50 being black has anything to do with the fact that he is ignorant. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Queer Supremacist

    Again, it is because blacks are the most visible historical victims of oppression in this country that people are surprised and offended that not all blacks learned lessons from that experience. Anti-semitism is also a huge problem in the black community, despite the similarities in the historical plight of blacks and Jews and the large Jewish presence in the black civil rights movement. It is when minority bigots hide behind their minority group membership to attack those who have done nothing to hurt them that these problems arise. What am I, a white gay man, supposed to think when Michael Steele says “white gay men have enough rights already”?

    I admit many people cross the line with their comments (and when I feel that way, that’s saying something), but the concerns about homophobia within minority communities are valid and need to be addressed. It is not racist to do so. It is also not racist to make analogies to a theoretical racist joke. To so is to be of the same mindset that believes Huckleberry Finn is a racist book because it uses the word “nigger”. Such a mindset is ignorant of context.

    As for gangsta rap, I believe it is a symptom, not a disease. The disease is an urban culture of generations growing up in dysfunctional families, the state being an enabler of that dysfunction, and of people unwilling to change and blaming others for their own problems. Gangsta rap reflects that sickness (along with a lack of musical education, which, considering the large black contributions to popular music over the past 100+ years, is depressing). That people still manage to rise above it is a testament to the individual human spirit. The other side of black culture is one that revolves around a church culture that is reactionary, dogmatic, and, predictably, anti-gay. Many of them object to the gangsta “culture”. What they have in common is the Race Card. They know that the perception of racism can be as damaging to the accused as the real thing. So when someone condemns gangsta “culture”, Race Card holders reply with “you’re a racist.” Didn’t vote for Obama? You’re a racist. Object to the double standard regarding racial slurs (as many blacks do)? You’re a racist. When they use the term “racist”, it has no more meaning than a four-year old saying “poopyhead”. Worse, it trivializes real racism.

    And the gay rights movement doesn’t need to try to be an extension of the black civil rights movement. It doesn’t have to be because rights are rights. Period.

    As a Jew, I will not defend homophobia by my co-religionists out of loyalty to my people. Is it asking for the moon to expect the same of blacks, whites, Asians, hispanics, Indians, American Indians, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, or any other group? Tolerance is not a one-way street.

    @DoYouWantTheTruthOrSomethingBeautiful: Thank you for saying that.

  • Bryce.J

    50 cent is a dickhead. Listen everyone is entitled to their opinions. I am black and i agree somewhat with what Queer Supremacist is saying . Alot of the time it is a one way street and a major Double standard when it comes to Racial slurs.Especially in the black community, but not everyone that is black has that frame of mine, i do not attend black churches or any church at that i never play the race card (it’s because I’m black right) But no one can make me form an opinion in my mind except me. and i am very much an outsider in the eyes of some in the black community because i am gay and i don’t listen to Rap or talk with slang or because my boyfriend is white.I’m in college trying to better myself. i know the history and the suffering Black people faced and their are so many Racist people in this country still, but thats no excuse to play the Victim

    i will never play the victim because everything i have in life i had to work and get . i know this has nothing to do with the Article but i think this back and forth banter needs to stop. there are homophobes and Racist in every ethnicity of the human race. we all need to just open our eyes and hearts to see things for what they are. Queer Supremacist makes Valid points on some things just as many of the other people make Valid points.. i have love for everyone . see ya

  • Skeptical Cicada

    @Ryan: The lynching comments were parodies of his own bigotry to highlight how offensive and absurd his dismissing it as a joke was. Grow up.

  • James

    what white gay don’t realize is that when you attack 50cent not because he is a homophobic but be because he is black it is wrong. and then at the same time attack all black people that includes us black gay people. I’m so tried of the racism I see in the gay community.and it really pisses me off to have some white gay people who probably doesn’t have no black friends or doesn’t know any black people to speak on the black community.

  • John

    Blimey nagur.


    @Lamar: Come on Lamar, you should know by now that “Jason” and “Adman” are the same buffoon. No need to address them as if they are two separate clowns.

  • Blaine Ward

    @CONVERSATION CHAMBER: And you know this for a fact? IP adresses and all?

  • adman

    @CONVERSATION CHAMBER: C’mon Blaine, convo knows nothing, that’s his stance on Gay Issues, and black issues as well. He’s a provocateur, stirring up “race matters” to derail the “White Gay Mafia”, lol. He’s that crazy chick Jasmyn Cannock’s (sp?) lil’ homie! No sleep until Queerty becomes the online home of the Black Gay Mafia…I wonder if he’s fighting the Illuminati also? We’ll just have to wait and see, since it’s all about these losers on this supposedly LGBT site anyway. It’s called Narcissism, and no, it doesn’t go away.

  • Jeffree

    So, Jason in one comment says he’s a Black man and than later on uses the pronoun “they” when referring to Black people.

    Makes no sense.

    @ Jason: get some help. I’m worried about your break with reality.

    Oh, Jason since you wrote at least 17 posts on this thread [I didn’t copy the shorter ones into the textual analysis software so I may have missed some], and like to argue with yourself, how about you debate with your various sock puppets (all of whom will vote me down) the issue of “Why does Jason hate Black people so much and why does he call other Blacks “they” if he is Black?

    I’ll try to keep score.

  • Jason

    @Jeffree: First of all I am not the same Jason there are two jasons in this forum so your comment was uncalled for. And I can say “they” because I do not represent anyone but myself.

  • Avid

    I love how any story about a black person involved in some sort of homophobic action or gesture gets stretched into a scathing and patronizing editorial about “Black Homophobia,” black culture, or the black community as a whole.

    Go to any gay news blog, this one included, and on a daily basis you will see a plethora of stories about homophobia that feature a perpetrator who is white (and often in positions of POWER, at that.) When the story is about Bill O’Reilly, Ann Culter, Fred Phelps, Peter Pace, Brent Bowers, Ryan Leslie, the Mormon church, the head of Target Corporation or those 2 military guys who beat up Kieran Daly, etc., etc., I hear crickets before I do any tiring tirades about “White Homophobia.” The individual gets called out, while his overall racial and/or ethnic community goes conspicuously unreferenced. Hmm. True colors are shown when the perp. is of color. I guess it’s easier and quite more tempting to slight another group, whom you have absolutely no personal connection to or with, than it is to face what’s in your own backyard.

    50 Cent is an idiot, okay? He made a bigoted, childish and inane comment that proves his mentality is about twenty years younger than his actual age…fine…but instead of addressing him and him alone for his stupidity, we get a bunch of lame indignation about black people in general, rappers in general, random remarks about the KKK and tacky analogies about lynching. All of it is so deliberate that it pretty much proves that you were just waiting to throw this crap out at the first available opportunity where the bigger story would blow enough of a smokescreen to camouflage your own intolerant attitude. Again, some gay white men simmer on the sidelines, doing a very poor job of containing their racist POV (which often results in a bunch of petty, thinly-veiled racially-based cynicism and snark that any idiot can see through.) Then when a story — ANY STORY — involving a homophobe who happens to black is reported, they practically ejaculate while unleashing a barrage of, this time, blatantly racist comments…thinking that they have justification for it now.

    “The Race Card.”

    Yeah, that race card is a damn interesting one, isn’t it? Especially since part of playing “the race card” includes a white blabbermouth (who after making a deliberate, unnecessary, faux-underhanded, patronizing gesture, observation or implication about something “black”-related) accusing a black person of playing the card to deflect if they were able to decipher it and say so. Since there seems to be a rebellion against anything that can be even slightly considered PC, this “You’re just playing ‘the race card'” is a strategy that many have gotten very good at to deter indignation over something that they said which was indeed racist.

  • adman

    @Avid: I love how a Black/White homophobic push aginst the LGBT community has been orchestrated in recent times, actually since the Obama Admin began strategizeing with the DNC, and almost every Black Queerty commenter will apologize for the role of the Black Establishment in hating us for fun and profit, the exact way their white sociopathic leaders taught them to. Political thugs on the right, teabaggers, what have you, and the “left” aping them..(only in socially conservative ways, mind you, lol) But the “Black Community” doesn’t really “mean it”. In fact it’s only because white queers are Nazi’s or some such moronic bullshit.
    Having your cake and eating it too is complicated, Black Queerty folks, isn’t it? First you need to belittle every else who is in a legitimate struggle for equality, then you need to brand them racists, then you need to go and apologize to the the folks in your own community who hate you the most. BUT, you get to derail any progress involving anyone in the “enemy camp” who shares your struggles, so I guess that makes you feel powerful. What a f*cking waste of time talking to any and all of you. Take it to Black Planet and invent your lies there, this is a gay blog, in case you forgot.

  • SBC19

    @adman: “What a f*cking waste of time talking to any and all of you”

    Then shut the fuck up.

    No one asked you for your feedback in the first place. I notice that every time you’ve replied to someone on this article, you go insanely off book and start arbitrarily rambling on about miscellaneous bullshit (bullshit) that had next to nothing to do with what that person said, or the main article. You ultimately contribute nothing useful to this discussion while taking the form of a pesky insect that needs to be swatted. Seriously, were you born stupid or did somebody bounce you on your head until they were able to use you to get a handicap parking permit? What a loon. What a troll. What a sock. Furthermore, until you: A. become an admin. of Queerty and have the authority to control feedback or B. start paying the Internet bills of everyone who frequents this blog, your telling people to get off this blog was just a waste of keystrokes.

    Finally Corky, I mean “ADMAN”, if the “Black” Queerty respondents are bothering you so damn much, the sensible thing would be to not bother to read articles centered around subject matters that are ‘black’ related. If you can’t do that, then continue to read…mad.

  • adman

    @SBC19: Take your meds, then look in the mirror. Do you see everything you hate staring back at you? Goo!, that’s a start you freaking pathology case. NEXT!!!!

  • Bryce.J

    what the hell?? we are all gay or bi here right? and want the same things. it seems as if certain people here are personally just saying because we are black we are agreeing with 50 cent, we are not . it’s just you are targeting a whole group for what a jackass said. that is not right i don’t even live in a black Community , not every black person lives in a predominately black Community. and not every black person agrees with one another i would think we are all different individual’s who think differently. i love people in general color does not matter to me. this whole thing is just tiring really. I guess some people are just stuck in their ways and do not want to listen so it’s just a waste of time seriously. i do wonder what the response would have been if there was a interracial gay couple running or a black,Asian or Hispanic gay couple in that picture instead of two white men. and 50 cent never said anything about shooting up a white gay wedding he said a gay wedding. not that it makes any difference because its disgusting and Distasteful to keep it mild. so assumptions are he is solely talking about white people and isn’t Perez Spanish?

  • adman

    @Bryce.J: You know Bryce, I don’t think all of us here are Gay or Bi, no. I think there are sock puppets from AA sites here talking bullshit smack to get the discussion derailed. But WTF, I guess all minorities (including LGBT’s) are entitled to at least a little paranoia, since they ARE after us, you know. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand. Which brings me back to Queerty, I see nothing coming from the SGL, Black American community but defensiveness, open slander, and a naked need to kill dialogue, amongst Black/White/other LGBT’s and a huge grudge everybody else is expected to fix EXCEPT AA SGL people who have ZERO ideas on the subject to begin with. I mean it’s your dilemma in life, you have yours, I have mine, let’s parley…but NEVER with the Black Queer community if ANYONE non-black is involved, so I’m calling bullshit. Get your shit together or fuck off, you know? I don’t care what Black people hate. It’s not important to me.

  • Bryce.J

    I understand what you mean, and i know its not important to you , because you are not black. but i do get what your saying. with that being said i am not commenting on this post any longer.

  • alicia banks


    only racists tend to lump all people and their aims etc by race…
    as you just did above

    stand corrected:

    many blacks like me hate gaybashers of all races and never apologize for any black ones…we actually hate hobama and every black person who betrays gays as much as we hate racists like you


    alicia banks

  • Tackle

    @ AVID

    Love what you wrote. Great insight…

  • Let's Not Act Brand New


    The reason it’s being called Black Homophobia is because there’s a particular AA culture from where it comes from.

    There’s no singular culture or special comradeship/connection between that racial group that warrants calling it White Homophobia or White Sexism etc and if a black person who wasn’t involved in cultural blackness had been homophobic I’d doubt you’d get the same response.

    P.S If we’re going to make the “it seems so strange that the individual isn’t considered for X” then I’m not sure how much of the commenters can make the same generalizations for white gays and the white gay community.

    Maybe it’s just individual racist and not that particular group you all like to call upon so much? Some of the people you’re calling white racist may not even be white and besides that you’re all under the assumption that your entire minority group agrees with you.

  • Chitown Kev

    @alicia banks:

    Thank you, alicia.

  • jason

    Black culture is extremely homophobic. Black culture is, on the whole, socially conservative. They might vote Democrat but their social system is extremely conservative. You only need to look at how conservative the black churches are.

    Black music is probably the single most homophobic industry in America right now. Black rappers and hip hop artists are resoundingly homophobic. Black record labels are owned by extremely homophobic black men and their enablers.

    I would compare black culture to far Right, white church goers.

  • adman

    @alicia banks: Really? It seems to me you just hate to see what you can come up with…kinda like fishing.

  • Pip

    @James: What matters more, the impetus for the attack or the content of the attack? If someone makes a racial comment against 50 cent parodying his homophobia by analogy, is it really racist?

  • adman

    @alicia banks: That;s a red herring, actually. You said Blacks LIKE ME, yadda yadda, and I replied. Then, you said I Make blanket assumptions about all blacks. This is exactly the BS I’m talking about. Are you really the arrogant one here? It seems you are. Ignorance shows many faces, I don’t claim to unerstand all Blacks, nor do I claim that the Black community is a monolithic one. When you portray all Blacks as victims, in fact you are the one claiming to speak for all Blacks, which is transparent and predictable, since you have an agenda, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the purpose of this site, or any other “Gay” dialogue. In fact it has to do with painting Whites as racist whenever you can since it’s so much easier to shut off your brain, open your trap, and kill dialogue. Simple, obvious, ever present, and totally without merit. How did you end up approving these “tactics” in your life amyway? What an obvious waste of time. I said it before, I don’t care what you hate. You shouldn’t care if or what I hate either, since hate itself promotes unproductive stances.

  • alicia banks


    you are a racist and a moron

    i am anti-racist

    that is why i am calling you out on the racist bs you are posting about all blacks

    i despise fools like you who are blinded by your own ignorance as much as i hate homohaters of all races

    why do you dare to police this blog????

    get your own

    see me bash black gaybashers all over the internet just as incessantly as i bash racist retards like you

  • alicia banks


    when i am living proof of the blatant lies and lumping you are doing, making note of that is not “yada yada yada”

    it is nada nada nada!!!

    pay attention!!!
    it may be easier to do so when you get over your glaring
    resentment of any racial or gender inclusion/integration herein…

    it is 2010
    and there is no gay jim crow at queerty
    get over that u racist fool

  • adman

    @alicia banks: Racism sucks. It’s general foundations are logically unsound, and mystical, identity based ideologies seem to dovetail so nicely with it’s conveniently positioned untruths, like your silly scribblings. I’m sorry that America’s white supremacist ways have addled your brain, but that seems to be the case. If you should ever learn to reason, come on down and bring your skills to Queerty, where we discuss issues that affect Queer people, until then, f*ck off with your narrow, provincial, discoursive analytics, you are wasting your life on that garbage. You should start with logic and reason, it’ll help. A lot.
    BTW, you still didn’t answer my accusation of your misrepresentation of me, which isn’t surprising at all. Charlatans and self-appointed “watchmen” use this technique all the time, why? I don’t know. It is obvious it only undermines any integrity in your fight against racism that you claim to have.
    I am one guy, with one opinion, and you can’t answer me without attacking me with your ignorant views in a shallow attempt to gain advantage, Dog only knows why. Yawn. Bash away honey, you need the outlet, clearly. And here’s hoping you find it one day, because you give Queerty a serious downward slant in tone.

  • adman

    @alicia banks: “it is 2010
    and there is no gay jim crow at queerty”

    AAAhh, but there is de-facto Jim Crow against gays in the Black community, and your own rantings acknowledge that. You’re just pissed a white guy who lives/does business in and around a Black community himself sees it, and reports it. It rankles you, in that I am supposed to be blind the inconsistencies and bigotry in Black folks hetero-normative thinking, and so, I must sit and listen to your lectures on how to think. since you are the self appointed one with all the answers, even though you couldn’t write a thoughful well constructed discourse for everyone’s consumption on your best day. You’re too caught up in hyperbole and “righteuosness”. Sh*t, I’m supposed to listen to you tell me how to be, when you’ve clearly spent maybe 30 seconds of your life considering my situation in life, and yet you think you possess some “scathing critique” of my every word. FUCKIING SAD! go home and think to yourself…”I’m not the only one, I’m not the only one”….Vampirize people somewhere else.

  • alicia banks

    scan up adman

    you will find that you are the resident vampire herein indeed
    witness the collective sucking sounds above…

    it is clear that you are illiterate and envious

    and i had no objection with what you stated except that you dared to apply it to all blacks

    now you are squealing like a racist stuck pig…you doth protest too much and scream too loudly…

    you are now ranting in stereo and only amplifying your dual errors…fyi

    thanks for the back handed compliments on my stellar writing
    i get that a lot…

  • alicia banks

    pathetically adamant:

    you will never have the brains or brawns to police or instruct me

    especially at a blog that is not your own!

    why bother?

  • alicia banks

    you are one racist with one horrid pissy petty attitude

    most racists have such anger issues

    i have no qualms with guys who have opinions until they slur an entire race with said “opinions”


  • adman

    “you will never have the brains or brawns to police or instruct me”…

    Exactly my point. BUT, you will indeed try to do the exact same to me, what does that say about you? Coming here with your non-sequitors and illogic, (It’s not “yadda yadda, it’s Nada Nada” WTF?) You’re a wreck, honey! OOOOOhhhhh, Adman is angry! I’m gonna say he’s a moron now! What are you 15? Grow. The Fuck. Up. K? This is getting fun, I always get the loonies who can’t stand an honest queer. Good luck honing your rhetorical style that clearly derives from the Black Church and it’s pulpits of Queer death. BTW, how does that statement make you feel about the role AA culture gave Lesbians after they straight washed the whole civil rights movement as they abandoned us? Apologize for them please, since you don’t want to seem like a big scary bigot, now do you? Fricken idiot. I’m talking to an Idiot.

  • Chris

    @adman: People have provided more than enough evidence above as to why your blanket statements derived are fallacious (It’s called a HASTY GENERALIZATION).

    You are the one who keeps coming on here, ignoring all evidence to the contrary of your positions, and then spouting more ad hominems against anyone who disagrees with you and making more hasty generalizations.

    If someone says something stupid or homophobic, we need to recognize that the stupid opinion is that single person’s responsibility. We need to be careful of blaming some secret monolithic entity. “Black Culture, Black Establishment”, it’s always capitalized too, right? Black Culture, Inc. Your source for your opinion on everything if you are black. If you’ve forgotten that you’re supposed to be a homophobe, please call 1-800-u-b-black?

    We get it, you’ve been scorned in the past by black people. But if you so desperately want to have an actual conversation or an actual argument, you need to stop shouting into a corner and actually engage with people. And yes, that means you’ve got to be open to the possibility that your opinion is wrong.

    I’d like to see you respond to this comment without a single attack on me or an attack on my character. Talk about any of my arguments, but let’s see if you can forgo a cheap shot. You’ll notice I haven’t attacked your character once, I have attacked your actions.

  • adman

    @Chris: Oh appeals to authority! (“other people say, blah blah) Take it to your won blog, converse, and bring arguments next time. I see a bunch of people, tragic LGBT victims, really, of a moribund Black American culture at large, spouting hetero-sexist oriented bullshit, re-vamped as some kind of revolutionary (as if LGBT’s and/or Women were and/or will ever be welcome in “revolutionary” circles amongst minority communities) stance, when it is clearly thought couched in a moribund, culturally descendant thought. If you want moral authority over dissenters amongst your crowd, black, white, or whomever may choose to believe your nonsense, then EARN IT. You haven’t argued me down from any of the positions I’ve taken, and that’s because you’re not interested in the truth.
    Now, if you wanted to argue that American culture at large, and not just Black American culture is moribund, and therefore an albatross around it’s wearer’s necks, we can argue, and I’d like to know your thoughts. But why bother, say Chris, Chitown Kev, that disorganized crazy chick above, et al. Indeed why bother, you have a provincial bone to pick, and you will force you into our hostage mentality, or you are our cautionary “racist” BOOO! BOOGA BOOGA! So frickin’ what? You think I haven’t been slandered by random heartless imps in my life? I’m GAY, ferchrissakes. Well, too fucking bad, you know Chris? Bankrupt is a word. It has a meaning. Google it, and see if you don’t recognize yourself.

  • alicia banks

    you are a deeply confused intellectual masturbator…
    as all racists in denial


  • Chris

    @adman: And, of course, you failed. Until you are willing to step off your soapbox, no one is going to try to speak rationally to you. You want to have an actual logical argument, start by actually defining your positions, instead of hiding behind misused SAT words strung together in garlands of crazy.

    Once again you speak of monolithic black entities, Black American Culture. Please tell me what you think Black American Culture entails? Is their building next door to Gay Culture, Inc. source of LOGO, rainbows, and Versace?

    What is my provincial bone to pick? What is this re-vamped revolutionary speak? How is Black Culture based in “moribund, culturally descendent thought?” What hostage mentality am I trying to impose on you? How am I morally bankrupt?

    Please, I’d love to hear your elaborations.

  • alicia banks


    you are a deeply confused intellectual masturbator…
    as all racists in denial


  • alicia banks



    racists who lump all blacks into a monolith dare to claim they are being persecuted when we correct them.

    just how does one “play a victim” when demanding individual recognition from a collective victimizer like the racist adman?

    why does he think bashing all black revolutionaries will absolve him from being checked for bashing all blacks as gaybashers?

    what could be more “disorganized” than the dementia he displays with each chaotic “retort”????

    please keep slaying adman

    i am busy and bored…


  • bOE

    why are my comments being censored

  • adman

    [email protected]alicia banks: Put up another link, pretender. Then, get your nasty cootchie off talking shit about your false ideas, you’re a junkyard. A freakin’ dumpster. Oh and don’t forget to generalize! Ad hominems are extremely useful to truth fighters.

  • adman

    @alicia banks: BTW, revolution is for everyone in a pluralistic society, or didn’t you get the memo? Oh yeah, provincial, dull, blinded by racial hate, and not interested in the slightest in the truth. Too bad, so sad, what a phoney joke.

  • alicia banks


    you are so blinded by your rabid racism that you are unable to hear your own bumbling psychoses as you rage on a black lesbian who agrees with you except for your racist lumping…

    further evidence of the incessant nature of the your racist insanity…shame!

  • adman

    @Chris: Nobody here is interested in taking your fucking “test”, see that’s what you can’t understand, speaking of you always embody the finest example of every critique you give, or does your hypocricy come to you in a email, or what? You’re arrogance and deliberate obfuscation is typical of the average race baiter, and believe me, average is a huge compliment is this case. Good luck making racist hay! Post those links, lames. Don’t forget to make them incomprehensible and NEVER NEVER give credit to the actual creator of the content of them. Ta Ta!

    Never trust anyone who calls themselves a revolutionary and intellectual in one breath. That’s gotta be the be the dumbest most ill formed thing I’ve seen all week. Ya’ll are credulous little victims.

  • alicia banks


    you are so arrogantly ignoirant that you have now progressed into a painful suicide as u slay yourself herein


    u feigned interest in the white washing of black lesbians from the historical civil rights arenas

    just before your demanded the whitewashing of black revolution from
    ongoing civil rights struggle

    be merciful and tell yourself to stfu asap…maybe u will listen?

    see more on racist feminists here:

  • alicia banks


    this is not LA

    and you are not the blog LAPD

    got valium hallunicating overseer?

  • Chris

    @adman: You’ll notice I don’t care what your race, religion, politics, culture, gender, sex, or anything else are. Because when I dislike someone’s arguments, I attack them as an individual.

    It would be easy to blame your racism and misogyny on “White America” if you were white, or “Christianity” if you are a christian, or “Black Culture” if you were black, or “Republicanism” if you were a republican, or anything else.

    That’s a cop-out. It absolves YOU of YOUR accountability and YOUR responsibility for your own beliefs by saying your beliefs are merely because you are a part of some group.

    If you are a scientist, you’d understand that when there are millions of degrees of freedom in a person (culture, race, gender, religion), as soon as you pin down one degree of freedom, there are still millions more that are left to vary. You can’t pin down “The Gay Community” simply because we are a mixture of skin colors, beliefs, backgrounds, economic situations.
    Entirely analogous to “The Black Community”, there are gays/straights/bisexuals, transgender/cisgender, christians/atheists/muslims/jews, republican/democrat/libertarian/socialist/communist/fascist, poor/middle/rich/uberrich, etc ad nauseum, and all of these people HAPPEN TO BE BLACK. This is why blanket statements and the construction of monoliths is such a ridiculous concept. There IS NOT a single descriptor for all types of people, even within an ethnic group.

    You can call me any kinds of shit you want, i.e. a “race baiter”, whatever the fuck that means.

  • adman

    @alicia banks: “adman:
    this is not LA
    and you are not the blog LAPD”

    You’re sure doing your best to play the role of internet cop, and prove me right about the powers that be though aren’t you? Funny, scratch the average Black Revolutionary, you wind up with an oppressor, don’t you? You and your input have contrived the most dishonest and disingenuous argument in the history of this admittedly lame website, Queerty. Congratulations, you have graduated to naked evil. Happy?

    got valium hallunicating overseer?

    Oh, but the overseer is clearly you, despite your frantic attempt to load your pathetic statement to racially demonize whites in the eyes of blacks. Fucking sad. Tell KRS-One I said “hi” to his logic. Not that he’ll listen to you, you’re a filthy Lesbian, remember? Checking out your fabulous link now, this oughta be good…

  • adman

    @alicia banks: where are your answers? You’re thinking you get a pass for trolling this site? Substance please. This oughta be good.

  • Steve Rienherdt

    I’m not Adman, and do not agree with his commentary but I will say, if black gay folks (who many are dear and near friends) spent a fraction of their time denouncing HOMOPHOBIA in their black communities as much as they spend time denouncing racism in the gay community, then maybe…just MAYBE, both groups would be more like minded. Instead, what I often sadly observe is black gay LGBT being too caught up in defending and ignoring black homophobia all while somehow twisting the story into how racist gays are. Try to educate your own communities. You have access to them and are bright and well rounded enough to do so.

  • alicia banks


    thank you for making your pt without assuming that many of us black gays do not already do precisely as you advise always…unlike adman


  • Chris

    @Steve Rienherdt: I would also like to thank you for making your point without making generalizations. I think it’s important to recognize that many black LGBT members DO work to reduce homophobia in black communities. Just because someone works to combat racism in gay communities on Queerty doesn’t mean they aren’t also simultaneously combatting homophobia on predominantly black blogs and websites.

    The fight to end discrimination doesn’t have to be segmented, and fighting racism and homophobia don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    There’s still a lot of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, transphobia, ableism, etc in members of the gay community and in people across the world. We should all be fighting to end these discriminatory beliefs everywhere we encounter them, not just in communities to which we do not ascribe.

  • adman

    @Chris: Discrimination isn’t racism, any more than racism is de-facto discrimination. Or don’t you understand the academics behind the arguments you use? Self-policing cadres do this every time, gay, straight, white, black, and it’s correctable, when people like that crazy chick are given the backhand and led out of the room in straight jackets. “I self-police my own community by trolling websites, and bashing those I disagree with, labeling them and moving on. Oh, and while I do it, I apologize for the religious in my OWN community and YOURS, that is making big bucks demonizing me, and if you don’t like it, you’re a bigot. Couple bricks shy of a load there, dear. Freakin’ psycho, take your meds.

  • alicia banks


    you have proven that your retardation and ignorance are far more severe than i knew…

    i am anti-religious and anti-racist
    that is why have 0 tolerance for holy bigoted fools like you

    i am also an out veteran media activist…you clearly know nothing about me and are too arrogantly ignorant to even hear what i say

    the loss is yours
    you twisted toxic deaf loon—their-own-receive-them-not/

  • alicia banks

    “Why has Alicia Banks, a beloved radio voice, gone back to school? ‘I want to be as radical and renowned as a professor as I am as a talk show host.’ Her FM show…has been her’labor of love’ for a decade…’I decided to change careers at this point because radio has been entirely locked down by white male neocons’…The same forces that inspired Banks to head to the hills of academia conspire against marginal forces in music…She points out that the vast majority of radio stations are owned by a small number of companies, and playlists are increasingly computerized….” GIRLFRIENDS MAGAZINE 7/2000

    “Musicologist, activist, and cyber columnist is how Alicia Banks describes herself. But she’s better known to her fans and detractors as a popular talk radio personality. She is the producer, creator, and host of two radio shows…Alicia heats up early morning airwaves with her take-no -prisoners approach. But her shock-jock comparisons end with her eclectic mix of music and anti-racist interpretation….” GIRLFRIENDS MAGAZINE 9/1997

    “Alicia Banks drops a weekly bomb fused with consciousness and sister melodies…”HUES MAGAZINE 11/1996

    “If talk radio seems dominated by clones of Rush Limbaugh, Alicia Banks is the answer…Her fans revere her…The creator of two immensely popular radio programs, Banks has her finger on the pulse of American culture. There’s a growing hunger for her message…” VICTORY MAGAZINE 1/1996

    “Banks makes it her business to deliver music, news and commentary in a way that challenges…Her show has become ground zero for a fire storm of controversy…Banks has built an enthusiastic audience and won a second prime time talk show….”OUT MAGAZINE 6/1994

    “Banks’ programs are no ordinary talk shows…Her broadcasts are not to be taken lightly. She seems ready for anything. She is fearless…” DENEUVE MAGAZINE 6/1994

    “Banks’ program combines the voices of Dinah Washington and Billie Holiday with tribal songs, fictional readings, erotica, and political discussions. It is the politics which have caused a stir…” THE WASHINGTON BLADE 2/25/1994

    “Alicia Banks jumped the tracks from FM to AM, sending sparks through the airwaves and widening debates on heated topics…Banks is no ordinary talk show host. She’s articulate, intelligent, and above all, she’s fearless…Banks’ soft graceful voice belies the forcefulness of her views…Since 1989, the French-fluent host has segued personal commentary and literary messages with hours of music…” ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION 10/14/1993

    “Since 1989, Alicia has been heating up the airwaves with her eyebrow raising program…Although the show is packed with great voices of the past and present, there’s room for deep talk…Banks is now having the last laugh with her success…” ATLANTA MAGAZINE 10/1993

    “Alicia Banks is no wimp… It’s that kind of outspokenness that has brought an audience to her show…” SOUTHERN VOICE 6/17/1993

  • Chris

    @adman: Don’t play with me, adman. I’ve tried to engage you in an actual conversation; something you are unwilling to do. So if you are going to make a huff about trolling, please look in a mirror before posting again. I don’t apologize for anyone. I also don’t apologize for any community. I do, however, combat discrimination on a case by case basis, instead of lumping people into groups and thus absolving the individual of the responsibility for their own beliefs.

    Of course discrimination isn’t racism, discrimination is the larger umbrella term for all types of beliefs in the inferiority of some group. Racism IS discrimination (both de facto and de jure), because it is the belief that some races are inferior to others; it is discrimination by definition. As is homophobia, and transphobia, and ableism, and misogyny, and xenophobia.

  • Jeffree

    What did we learn from the exhausting exchanges above?

    Engaging with trolls accomplishes nothing productive. They’re not here to learn, theyre here to incite and to preach.

    Solution: ignore them. They will go away.

  • adman

    @Chris: Leading questions are conversation starters, huh? That’s a new one to me. You’re here to play, to dissuade, and and to persuade any LGBT who looks at Queerty that our issues are somehow of lesser importance than our society’s struggle with racism, and I called bullshit. Get over yourself. Talk out of both sides of your mouth all you like, we’re watching the Raiders lose. See ya. Oh and Alicia, this site isn’t your show. In fact you’ve admitted to being some unknown radio shock jock who is brazenly spamming this site. Learn how to format your message into something better than viral bullshit, or GTFO off of Queerty. Gay websites belong to Alicia, hmmm. That’s ALSO a new on to me. Unbelievable. Oh, and don’t call me “holy” anything, toots, I’m an atheist.

    “I’d like to see you respond to this comment without a single attack on me or an attack on my character. Talk about any of my arguments, but let’s see if you can forgo a cheap shot. You’ll notice I haven’t attacked your character once, I have attacked your actions.”

    But I’ve attacked the actions of Black Queerty posters who distract for ideological reasons that have nothing to do with LGBT issues, and gotten ZERO RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION. (except to be labeled racist blah blah, yawn) You have no answer, because you’re guilty of my accusations against you. And your cohort Alicia? That’s just a hot mess. Period. See? life isn’t fair. You come to the playground, and you start shit, then your punched in your fucking eye, and hopefully you learn a lesson. You? You still have a bone to pick, which is telling. Says everything about your “wish for a reasoned convo”. Bad intent is bad intent. Patronize someone else with the race baiting, OK? I’ll keep saying it, so there you go. If I have nothing to gain from associating with you I’m fine with that. It’ says nothing about you, and I know that. Why is that so hard to understand? Are you going to fix white gays? Pay our bills and take care of our homes? What? I just don’t see it.

  • adman

    @Chris: There are people, such as Mennonites who are racists. They refuse to engage in racist behavior in any way except to practice self segregation from other races and creeds. I see your definition would include them as racists, but I disagree. I think they’re confused about how the world works, and are pursuing a fruitless idea, but they aren’t racists. Their discriminatory practices only harm them, and not the people they have racist beliefs about. You can institutionalize the belief, but never the spirit of the belief. That’s why the law, for instance is always involved in so much minutae, and also why, for instance that Academics spend so much time with their heads up their collective asses.

  • adman

    @Chris: BTW, thought crime is still not illegal. So think twice before you try to “cleanse” someone’s thoughts, OK? Next thing you know, you’ll be planting the thought, then condemning people for trying to work out what you meant in the first place…oh wait, you’ve already done that! Never mind.

  • adman

    @Chris: Don’t play with me, adman. I’ve tried to engage you in an actual conversation; something you are unwilling to do. So if you are going to make a huff about trolling, please look in a mirror before posting again. I don’t apologize for anyone. I also don’t apologize for any community. I do, however, combat discrimination on a case by case basis, instead of lumping people into groups and thus absolving the individual of the responsibility for their own beliefs.

    Oh, looky who’s all high toned now, after posting this on Sept 9th:

    “No. 11 · Chris
    Where’s adman talking about working out his white privilege now?
    4 2
    Posted: Sep 9, 2010 at 7:12 pm”

    What’s it like hating the gay community? I imagine you think to yourself arrogantly “I don’t need them, they’re all gay nazis” or some such. Then you take whatever shred of integrity there may be found in your presence here, and flush it down the toilet, as befits the cheap fucking hustler you are. lol, how does the truth feel shoved in your ass forcefully? You like that? heh….

  • [email protected]


    your blatant envy is almost as amusing as your bumbling schizo racist rants


    you are the resident lunatic
    but this is not your blog

    no matter how many valid queries you ignora
    no matter how much you rage on in your rabid racist confusion
    you will never ever control this blog
    nor the fact that it is not segregated

    get over that asap

  • adman

    @[email protected]: I intend to make “faggot” the new “racism”. It’s gonna be a new challenge, since racism is so official sounding. “You, sir, are guilty of RRRRRAACISM!!” It’s a pretty good foil, linguistically, I have to admit. But think about it, people who “fight racism” walk around using such a gutteral word like faggot with a smile. Everyone knows, there is no cynical industry exploiting demographic studies like there are think tanks devoted to studying the average American’s reaction to being called “racist”. Of course not, there are more apologists for the word faggot and it’s intended dehumanizing effects on people than there are for the word “Racism”. One thing I have going for me, is that 90% of people who throw around the word Racist don’t have a clue what it means, aren’t interested in doing anything about racism or homophobia, or human rights, or notions of basic equality, they just NEED I mean NEED, deep in their bones, someone to call a racist. As I stated before, it’s an industry. I figure on an LGBT site, I’ll focus on Faggot, not racism. And I’ll always be right, lol. See how that works? So, fuck you racist invested people! Get a real job like the rest of us.

  • adman

    @adman: OK, I’ll admit that last post was a bit ummm..self indulgent. Ah well, we’ve been drinking, watching the tube. Raiders lost, 49ers suck, what else is new? I was in the zone of pissy. I just though about it when I was walking down the block to pay my thug, gangsta, dope selling neighbor his $150.00 for losing the bets this weekend. (quote: “let the big boys play the spread, Dog!”) So yeah, Sunday sept 12th kinda sucked. Oh well, gardening, pasta dinner, lift, and bed. moving on…

  • adman

    @Chris: Institutions that represent millions of infinite degrees of freedom, or whatever, CAN and WILL BE pinned down, knucklehead!!! It’s called politics, and your disingenuous attempt to count how many angels can dance on the head of a pin won’t change that. I like this little piece of venom the most here:

    “when I dislike someone’s arguments, I attack them as an individual.”

    If you were not casting aspersions, and had the sack to man up and admit to your part in a discussion where the gloves have already been off for a while, you’d attack my arguments, and not me, since you wield such serious and high toned rhetoric and all. Next time you want to attack the institutions of white supremacy, say so, and you’ll get the same argument from me. AA institutions have many issues to deal with as representatives of a subculture in this country, and branding people who aren’t interested in extending themselves to your hostile and dishonest methods isn’t going to get you anywhere. Shoes on the other foot, like it or lump it.

  • Trace

    There is a group on WooHim that showcases his hateful tweets and makes tweeting him some man-love easy. Gotta love it, lol!

  • AL

    Holy crap! What a bunch of racist wackos crawling out of nowhere!

    Anyhow, let’s cut to the point.I guess it’s another reason for me to hate rap. Rap music (if you can call it music) always promotes criminal behavior, glorifies sexism, violence, and drugs. Many rap singers are former gang members themselves. And who is their main audience? That’s right, jobless drug-dealing ghetto pieces of trash from the hood. Not a big surprise here that morons like 50 cent (what an ironic name) are homophobes just like the entire rap hip-hop culture is.

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