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Murder Jokester 50 Cent’s New Slaughter Target: Gay Weddings

No stranger to targeting the homos, 50 Cent — who’s expected to show up in New York this weekend with the Eminem/Jay-Z tour — took out his hatred on a certain gay gossip blogger by targeting all you homos who want to get married. Fail.

The rapper uploaded this image to his Twitter account with the caption, ” Perez hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.” (The spat continued, as these things do, over a few more tweets, with 50 eventually saying, “Stop being so sensitive its a joke. Your acting like a big baby have a nice day…And my next song will make your sweet ass dance lol chill out.”

Interestingly, GLAAD has yet to issue a call to action, or whatever it does these days. Which makes sense, because last time 50 Cent, whose mother is bi, went off on the gays — in a Playboy interview — the organization turned it into a publicity coup by inviting the rapper to the GLAAD Media Awards. Because he’d learn to watch his mouth by … eating scallops in black tie?

Whatever, dude. Keep calling attention to your own sexuality rumors by going ballistic.