Musical Notes: Klaxons


Regular readers know we’re total musical Anglo-philes. We don’t know what it is, maybe we’ve been brainwashed or maybe it’s because the Brits keep churning out hits, while so many American musicians churn out shits. (Clever rhyme, no?)

It should come as no surprise, then, that we’re head over heels for Klaxons, the spunky, punky British trio whose EP, Xan Valleys will be released stateside in October.

Perfect for those angst-filled rainy days, Klaxons inject a well-needed dose of zest into the post-punk scene. And for those of you with more of an ear for the dance floor, never fear, for the EP has a brilliant remix of their first small single, “Gravity’s Rainbow.” A pop-punk band that names their first single after a Thomas Pynchon book? We’re in love!

Check them out at both their myspace page and official website. Take notes, because you’re going to be hearing them again.