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Must The Dallas Morning News Publish ‘Married By Skype’ Couple Mark + Dante Walkup’s Wedding Announcement?

Mark Reed-Walkup and Dante Walkup, the Texas couple who used Skype to get gay married via D.C., are pissed the Dallas Morning News won’t print their wedding announcement. Except the newspaper says it will — in a separate but equal arrangement.

The Dallas Morning News only runs same-sex announcements in its “Commitments” section, not “Weddings,” according to the paper’s stupid policy. Something about gay marriage not being legal in Texas, as if that prevents a newspaper from realizing the discriminatory ban is stupid and unjust and deciding to look over it.

Inexhaustible, the Walkups have filed a complaint against the independently owned (by A.H. Belo Corp.) newspaper with the city, citing an ordinance that prevents sexual orientation discrimination in matters of housing, employment, and yes, public accommodations. Since wedding announcements are paid, the Walkups argue the paper — or at least its Weddings section — is a public accommodation and not immune to a newspaper’s First Amendment rights. A theory some J.D.s might disagree with, but one I’m definitely leaning toward agreeing with. What say you?

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  • David in Houston

    This whole thing about “we don’t want to acknowledge your marriage because gays are icky” is such a load of crap. It’s almost like a child sticking their fingers in their ears and yelling, “Nah, nah, nah, nah! I don’t wanna treat gays like human beings!”

    My husband and I got married in California before we moved to Houston. So, now, even though we’re legally married. We aren’t REALLY married because we live in Texas. It’s ludicrous! We just visited my family in California this weekend. We jokingly said, “Hey, we’re legally married again because we crossed the state line!” That’s how ridiculous this is. Depending on which section of Earth you’re standing on, you may or may not be married.

  • Adam

    I agree they should be in the Weddings section, since they are legally married somewhere. But who cares, at least they are getting some kind of announcement. Better policy than the New Hampshire Union Leader, when gay marriage is legal in NH. I’m actually surprised Dallas is even that progressive. Smalls steps work too

  • ron


  • Ann

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