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N-word dropping adult film star Bruno Bernal attacks Queerty for daring to call him racist

Gay adult film performer Bruno Bernal has been widely criticized this week for using the N-word to denigrate an African-American man on social media. Now, he’s attacking Queerty for daring to point out the obvious: that his comments were racist.

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The trouble began when Bernal took to Instagram to bitch about the way his barber spoke:

When people called out the blatant racism, Bernal got defensive, insisting he can’t be possibly racist because he “love black culture” and frequently dates black guys (he’s just not into “black ghetto people”):

He continued defending himself on social media and to various media outlets and telling critics to “f*ck off” and get over it.

Bernal took to both Instagram and Twitter to specifically go after Queerty for our coverage of his behavior, calling us “trash”, “stupid”, and a “sh*t blog”.

A racist called out for his racism responds to his critics by calling them names…

Meanwhile, Bernal’s employers at aren’t having any of his racism. They had planned to release a scene with Bernal this week. Instead, they released this statement:

Due to recent events, the [Bruno Bernal] scene will not be promoted by us. We prefer that it also not be promoted by our affiliates. Moving forward, we will no longer be working with the actor involved in the recent events.

Here’s an easy rule of thumb, folks: If you’re not black, just don’t say the N-word. Ever.

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