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Narcissistic Heterosexual Men More Inclined to Make Straight Women (Over Gay Men) Feel Like Crap

From the They Needed To Conduct A Study To Learn This Dept.: “While heterosexual women are primary targets for hostility from narcissistic heterosexual men, gay men, lesbians and other heterosexual men evoke softer reactions, says a new study. Psychologist Dr. Scott Keiller from Kent State University at Tuscarawas in the US says this could be because women are crucial players and even gatekeepers in men’s quests for sexual pleasure, patriarchal power and status. Research has already shown that narcissist men’s low empathy, feelings of entitlement and lack of ‘admiration’ can make them aggressive and vengeful. The study also revealed that narcissistic men believe that heterosexual relationships should be patriarchal rather than egalitarian.”