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National Treasure Margaret Cho on Black Lives Matter: “It’s time to join forces”

Margaret Cho needs no introduction.

The out-bisexual actress, writer, stand-up comic and activist became the first Asian-American woman to lead her own sitcom in 1994, All-American Girl. Though it only ran for one season–and though Cho has discussed its troubled production–the series gained her an immediate fanbase. Following its cancellation, Cho returned to stand-up, discussing the toll the show took on her life, and finding her voice as an LGBTQ advocate. Her career has since taken new flight, landing her roles in films such as Face/Off, and in the TV series 30 Rock (playing North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il), which scored her an Emmy nomination. She also now hosts her own podcast, The Margaret Cho, and will appear on the TBS series Tournament of Laughs Sunday June 21.

Having adored her for years, Queerty scored time with Cho to talk about her life, career, and how she intends to celebrate pride.



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