NC Coppers Reverse Sodomy Charges

Raleigh coppers caught up with the times this weekend. The flatfoots last week arrested two gay men who were having sex in private last week after one of them, Nelson Keith Sloan, called about a sexual assault. Both he and his partner, Christopher Ryan Flynn were charged with crimes against nature.

Realizing that 2003’s Lawrence v. Texas invalidated sodomy laws, the distract attorney straightened things out and dropped the charges, saying the men were having consensual sex. Despite the turnaround, Sloan says a threat remains:

I am grateful that the DA’s office has a better understanding of the Constitution than the Raleigh Police Department However, as long as this law remains on the books, it is a crime punishable by an arrest, a stay in jail, media attention and a fine of $450.”

And, yes, Sloan had to pay that fine. Flynn, meanwhile, still faces a simple assault charge for biting Sloan’s lip.