NC Pastor Charles “Electrified Fence For Gays” Worley Sad They Can’t Lynch Homos No More

North Carolina Pastor Charles L. Worley, who called for gays to be carted up and penned in behind an electrified fence until they “die out,” isn’t new to the world of hate-filled rhetoric.

Good As You found a wonderful little audio nugget from 1978, when Worley lamented homosexuals weren’t strung up anymore.

“We’re living in a day when you know what it saddens my heart to think homosexuals can go around, bless God, and get the applause of a lot of people,” Worley opines. “Lesbians and all the rest of it!”

He adds, “Forty years ago [gays] would’ve hung, bless God, from a white oak tree!”

Why does he keep saying ‘God bless’? Is that Carolina thing?

As Queerty reported earlier, this scuzzball has the full support of parishioners like Geneva Sims, who said:

“He had every right to say what he said, about putting them in a pen, feeding them. The Bible says they’re worthy of death. He only preaches the Word.”

If Worley preaches the Word, though, shouldn’t he be advocating killing gays—not just locking them up? Seems to us that goes against God’s clearly expressed commandment.

But, hey, we’re sure so long as Geneva keeps getting her Pall Malls and Old English, she’s a happy camper.

 Photo: Lawrence H. Beitler

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  • cam

    Good As You found a wonderful little audio nugget from 1978, when Worley lamented homosexuals weren’t strung up anymore.””

    This isn’t a religious guy. This is somebody who is a hateful bigot who likes having control, being the center of attention and acting like a king.

    This has nothing to do with religion and the people in his church are ignorant backwoods hillbillies if they buy into it.

  • steve Morrison

    I am lamenting that Christians are no longer fed to the lions!

  • Jozef

    Keep the good NC people in mind, too! We DO exist!

  • Sohobod

    I Britain people don’t take much notice of ‘preachers’. Instinctively, we think: who do they think they are? Why should we take any notice of some random guy who sets himself up as an arbitor of morals?
    Maybe this is a good model for the US to adopt.

  • George

    According to the bible the wages of sin is death and everyone sins. Curious he’s not lamenting that we can’t lynch the remaining 97% of humanity as well

  • Triple S

    @George: Actually, it would be 100% of humanity is we were going to be pedantic about it.

    @Sohobod: Same here in Australia; we don’t listen to religion that much anymore, due to our ever increasing secularisation. We’re just like “Ok, whatever” almost all the time. :P

  • Joe

    Not a bright guy; gay and lesbian children typically are born hetero couples so his “containment” plan is stupid. I believe we should consider a fence, this asshole can stay on the side with the hateful breeders and I can stop paying taxes and stay on my side which will have the best clubs, bars and restaurants.

  • B

    Re No. 1 · cam wrote, “This isn’t a religious guy.”

    Actually, he is a “religious guy” because religions cover a vast majority of beliefs, some incredibly wacky. He’s merely one of the outliers (which is what I think Cam actually meant to say).

    You can make up a religion that is all about love but you can also make up one that is all about hate. He chose the latter.

  • Jim S

    While preachers have their own agendas for sure this guy is crazy, mean, and I like the one comment above about the person lamenting we no longer feed Christians to the lions. I wish someone would electrify him, but then again he would be a martyr. Maybe we just shouldn’t give the wacko’s any attention. The fact that they have a superficial and silly interpretation of scripture is ridiculously obvious. And people like Michele Bachman and other right wing conservatives who b.s. about this country founded on Christian principals are full of caca. Most of the founders were part of the Enlightenment and deliberately kept religion out of the founding documents. When Alexander Hamilton was asked if they prayed to God before they went into session he replied “no, we did not consult any foreign powers”. So I guess I shouldn’t let these people bother me, but there are too many of them and I feel like the USA is 2 or more different countries and a good part of it is very sick and very nasty. So hopefully this idiot will get caught in a bathroom stall touching the wrong guy’s foot and be exposed for the pervert he is. Besides, Jesus, Paul, Matthew, Mark and John were all gay boys. Don’ you think. Come on now. And the Pope? He has very handsome men always around him. And Micheles husband – he is so fem it is silly to pretend otherwise. So they can all go to hell and my personal relationship with my handsome Jesus tells me in our quiet private personal moments that they are and he loves me very much. :-)

  • B

    No. 6 · George wrote, “According to the bible the wages of sin is death and everyone sins.”

    In a sexual context, it was possibly based on observation – people who had many random sex partners probably caught a lot of nasty STDs, with no means of treatment. Since they didn’t know about bacteria and viruses, they thought people were dying because of divine punishment for sin.

  • Justin

    Geneva Sims isn’t worth the bullet that I hope one day shatters her frontal lobe. So sick of tolerating garbage like her. Go back to your pink-shuttered double wide and wait for cancer.

  • mike

    Lets build an electrified fence around that A**holes church, but first lets put a big round firecracker up his tired ass and light it.

  • Max

    Enough with the comments about how we should torture people who would torture us. Seriously? We are are better than this. To use an outdated christian concept, turn the other cheek.

    And maybe their God exists. Who are we to interpret the divine? Still if He is advocating for fences and lynchings then why the hell do these people follow Him? If a God ever said that then why Call him god?

  • Belize

    @cam: Just because his belief goes against logic, sanity, and everything good in the world, doesn’t mean that he is not religious.

  • Belize

    @Max: “And maybe their God exists. Who are we to interpret the divine?”

    The same can be said about this man.

  • Belize

    @Triple S: “@Sohobod: Same here in Australia; we don’t listen to religion that much anymore, due to our ever increasing secularisation. We’re just like “Ok, whatever” almost all the time. :P”

    That’s because Australia is far richer than North Carolina. Usually, impoverished locations are so susceptible to religious zealotry because it provides the destitute and the degraded a misguided chance to, at the very least, feel special even though they are not.

  • Belize

    @Jozef: Of course you do. And that’s probably the reason as to why North Carolina has yet to bomb itself or something to that effect. Usually, societies are inverted pyramids–a handful of good intellectuals are the ones basically carrying this Pastor and his ilk.

  • Nate

    We need more people like Pastor Charles. He helps push the millions of Americans that are indifferent to same-sex marriage to our side, out of outrage. Good for him.

  • jason

    This obnoxious little turd Worley should put an electrified fence around his mouth.

  • Steven McGaw

    I’m sorry, but I think you’re wrong. Saying hate-filled morons like Worley ‘aren’t religious” is an attempt to let religion off the hook. I think he’s a true believer and that fuels the outrageous things he says. I know there are plenty of religious people who don’t hold these opinions, but many of them do.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Jason, I see your ongoing, negative, hate-filled, bigoted, incessant comments about women just as ridiculous as Pastor Worley’s. You even have a pack of lemmings, little Geneva Sims, following your hate-speech. You are no better than this back-woods preacher that you hold in such disdain on post #20. Unresolved hatred in any form is ugly.

  • Isaac

    “Love God and love your neighbor.”

    Pretty straightforward from the mouth of Jesus. Unfortunate how this seemingly simple message has been grossly perverted through the years. There’s nothing godly about this man. There is no place in love for hate. There is no place in love for fear. If we all spent more loving others rather than tearing them down, what a wonderful world we would have for ourselves.

  • Macmantoo

    If someone took a pot shot at him and blew his head opened like a smashed watermelon it wouldn’t bother me in the least. Right now this guy is a wasted space in life.

  • OrchidIslander

    I’m an African-American gay man who has an ancestor that met his end due to lynching.

    I recognize the photo linking to this story; I was raised in Indiana where this outrage took place.

    Rarely a commenter on Queerty, way more of a lurker, but I have to go on record protesting the incredible display of poor taste and insensitivity in your usage of such a painful image.

    There are other ways in which you could have ginned up interest this story without the graphic used.

    I’m appalled at your apparent ignorance or indifference and amazed by the fact that you ought to know better.

    Sham on you

  • Josh l

    @Sohobod: You’re right! How pathetic and backwards we Americans are!

    And how many municipalities in the UK have adopted gay marriage?

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