Neil Patrick Harris: “Yes, That’s Also My Penis In Gone Girl

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.08.10 AMBen Affleck’s full-frontal debut in David Fincher’s Gone Girl has received almost as much press as Ebola, which is fitting since you’re just about as likely to come into firsthand contact with either. And we think it could be the next great movie marketing strategy. Hey, it’s harder than ever to fill a movie theater these days, why not get people excited.

Still reviews have come back disappointed. Not in the film, but the flash — too dark, too short, too brief.

But let’s not forget it isn’t the only full frontal display in the film. Co-star Neil Patrick Harris‘ angry inch also pops up on the screen. Two for the price of one.

When asked about the revealing moment, he told Slate, “Apparently, you can, yes. Had I been able to film my scene in a nice steamy, warm shower, perhaps there would’ve been more to talk about. But in my particular circumstance there was a lot of blood flowing…elsewhere.”

Guess you have to see the film to know what he’s talking about.