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The Netherlands has trolled Trump with absolutely stunning form

Thinking about leaving the country now that Donald Trump is our Commander in Chief? Then consider moving to The Netherlands! You’ll be in good company with fellow Trump-haters.

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Arjen Lubach, who is sort of like a Dutch version of Jon Stewart or John Oliver, opened his show with a video introducing Trump to his nation using familiar vocabulary the Troll-in-Chief will have no trouble understanding, including lots of “greats” and “incredibles, and by appealing to his basic instincts, like his penchants for lots of pomp and racism.

Check out the hilarious video below:

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  • mz.sam

    Leaving the country after Saturday’s epic historic march? HELL NO…solidarity and political action begins now!

  • Neonegro

    Actually the Netherlands is one of the European country’s with the best chance of electing a far right leader in the next election. They are tired of the muslim invasion.

    • Thinkclear

      Not true. The Dutch political system prevents Geert Wilders from becoming anything else then the leader of his own party. None of the other parties want to form a coalition with his party, they already have stated this before the elections of March 2017. Another difference with Tump is that Geert Wilders is not a right wing leader, a lot of his programm issues are left wing issues only his anti Islam (not muslims and yes there is a difference) can be seen as right winged.

  • Kangol

    Um, does this comedian not know about Geert Wilders, the ultranationalist who’s poised to become the Dutch PM? Maybe he ought to focus on the right-wing threat at home.

    • Winter

      So a Dutch comedian can not make fun of someone outside of the Netherlands because we have that joke, Geert Wilders, walking around.?! Logic. Geert has been done to death and he makes himself foolish enough as it is.

  • Jack Meoff

    That’s actually pretty funny but the best part is that Trump will hate it and we all know how thin skinned he is when it comes to criticism.

  • MaxTaste

    Awesome to see people trolling Trump. Makes his supporters so whiny.

  • sfbeast

    I had to go to UTube to watch, but it was funny. And I did go to the Free Life site to watch their video, and it made me teary-eyed.

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