New Jersey’s Derrek Lutz Wore a Dress to Prom. And Was Crowned Prom King

Fred Phelps’ band of merry revelers is going to have a busy spring season. While they’re already planning to picket Constance McMillen’s graduation in Mississippi, now they’ve got to add New Jersey to their travel schedule, thanks to a male high school student’s cross-dressing prom plan. Surely they want to visit his school?

Derrek Lutz says it flat out: “Yea, I’m a cross dresser.” And he wanted to wear heels and a dress to his prom. “What makes me a woman is inside and it doesn’t really matter what’s on the outside. And everyone should really just be treated equally.” Initially, school administrators weren’t thrilled; they told him wearing a dress to Saturday’s event would violate school policy. Cue the Facebook group, some internal discussion, and things were “resolved.”

He posts to Facebook: “SO we won.. I got into prom with no problems… I also won PROM KING!… I’d really love to thank you all for supporting me. You all make me so proud to be alive and so proud to have so many people come together like this. Thank you all so so incredibly much and if you’d like to see tagged pics come to my facebook page.”

Oh, did we mention Lutz last month performed this Gaga routine for the entire school?

I’m in awe of this kid.