Cracking Up

“I’m Fine” joins the panoply of shows depicting the joys & sorrows of queer ‘hoods

Fresh off the sit-com Dropping the Soap, streaming service Dekkoo has made another original bid for audience share with I’m Fine. Set in West Hollywood, it follows–in its own modest way–the now-familiar script of such iconic series as Looking, Queer As Folk and Tales of the City that examine the urban hijinks of groups of gay men living and socializing in queer ‘hoods.

Produced in bite-size five minute episodes, I’m Fine doesn’t reach the depth of PBS’ Tales of the City series, and shies away from the lurid scandalousness of Showtime’s Queer as Folk and HBO’s Looking. The short episode runtime also means the series doesn’t consume a whole day for viewers who love binging.

The snippets of episodes do not fail to intrigue, partly because the genre is one of which audiences never tire. The series follows lovelorn gay boy Nate as he tries to get over the sudden break up of his relationship with Joey. Of course, Joey still wants to be friends, which sends Nate into a confusing romantic netherworld.

His friends also try to help, but they have their own problems… to say the least.

I’m Fine keeps the laughs coming, along with some sharp observations about queer dating life. The series most recalls Looking, though with a bit more tenderness in its characters. As Nate, actor Perry Powell has an earnest, lovable quality about him that that raises a hilarious question: Is he a train wreck or is everyone around him the wreck?

We’ve seen tales of love and loss before, and stories about how the camaraderie of community offers sanctuary to queer folk. Much as Queer as Folk covered the blurred lines of gay love and friendship, I’m Fine examines how those fuzzy boundaries can confuse gay male friends. And like Tales of the City, the characters share a special, core connection that keeps them bound together, no matter how ridiculous life gets.

What role does a community (both geographical and sociological) play in how its members find love? I’m Fine reaches some interesting conclusions, and with plenty of laughs too.

I’m Fine streams April 19 on Dekkoo.

Check out the Nate and his cast of characters below…


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