New York Instagram sensation “Hot Cop” swears those leaked photos are fakes. We… have our doubts.


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A few days back, stories began circulating about a certain series of photos that made their way onto Miguel Pimentel’s Instagram account.

Pimentel — who became an Instagram sensation two years back after sharing dozens of muscly photos — says he had nothing to do with those suggestive photos. He was catfished, he says.

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If you haven’t seen these apparently fake photographs, unfortunately it looks like you’re out of luck. We can’t find them anywhere, and believe us:  we looked hard.

As did he.

Will only post this picture for now. Enjoy who ever is following me ??

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In response to the photos, Pimentel deleted his previous account and started a new one, writing:

“There are no REAL leaked photos of me! Plenty of fake accounts and PHOTOSHOPPED pics of myself. Thank You to whatever Hacker/Catfish started this AND for allowing more popularity. BUT I’m sorry to have disappointed all who thought FAKE leaks were actually me. #Goodtry



A post shared by Miguel Pimentel (@officialmiguelpimentel_) on

Sounds a little iffy to us, we must admit.

Nevertheless, the incident certainly hasn’t dissuaded him from continuing to post his signature muscly photos:

A trabajar.

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And ultimately, isn’t that all that matters?

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  • Kangol

    What a hunk of man!

    But what on earth does he mean by “BECAUSE OF THE FLUCTUATION OF ‘SEXUAL’ FOLLOWED CAUSED BY THE BULLSHIT'”? Lots of people came on to him because of the pics were sexy? People assumed he had a fluid sexuality? “Sexual” flowed across his screen? Que se significó?

    • Sam6969

      I do not practice Instagram, but maybe he means that when one search is IG name on the search engine, it is followed by the word “sexual” and its variations as a suggestion?

  • leobaga

    Damn, he’s such a lousy liar. Worst than Hillary. ?

    • jamal49

      Your kind knows no season, do they? What the hell does “Hillary” have to do with this? Get a life.

    • themartyred

      Hillary?? Dude, you’re mentally ill as your gross wannabe dictator. FYI the election was a year ago and Russians funded by Puty hacked our election and ran millions of false internet ads about Hillary. Dumps people coordinated.

    • scotshot

      As bad as Alabama’s Roy Moore the Girl Raper.

      He’s one of your kind.

    • Eiswirth

      You meant to say “worse,” not “worst.” But then a Trump supporter wouldn’t know the difference.

  • Jack Meoff

    Wow he sure is packing some heat under that uniform. The naked pics look great.

  • RomanHans

    Nope. I’m not having sex with somebody who’d spend the whole time looking in the mirror.

    • Jack Meoff

      I don’t think you need to worry about that being remotely possible as it appears he is straight.

  • John

    Leave well enough alone

  • amigay

    Not so hot unless you like guys that are 5’4″.

    • OzJosh

      Or you’re unnaturally aroused by a bag of walnuts.

    • prarie pup

      He’s only 5’4″?!?! DAMN, there goes the fantasy. Call me shallow–no pun intended–but I just can’t “get” with a short guy (< 5'10"); my grandmother is taller than him.

  • jjunke

    good looking guy obviously, but disgusting if he is a real cop…….obviously roided up to the max…….intimidating to the public but I guess that’s what they want these days….cops should be drug tested.

    • Horse Lips

      Definitely using steroids. No question about it.

  • edsyb

    Still have the pics, it’s him!

  • mz.sam

    The dude has such a gorgeous c**k that I’d love to spend all day/night breeding.

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