Playgirl Wants You To See A Lot More Of This NYC Cop, And They’re Willing To Pay

nyc hot cop15Summer heat is fast approaching, and New Yorkers are already thirsty.

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Last week, NYC Sheriff’s deputy Miguel Pimental almost broke the internet with some seriously frisky photos. If this is all a PR stunt to improve people’s attitude towards NY law enforcement, it’s working.

But you know what would work even better? If Miguel accepted Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio’s offer to pose nude for the mag.

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“It would have to be full frontal,” Daniel told the Daily News, adding that the magazine would match Miguel’s annual salary (minus overtime) of $44,744 for the steamy cop-themed shoot.

Here’s a look back on why Playgirl is chomping at the bit. What do you think? Is Miguel’s 15-minutes up or do you hope to see even more of him soon?

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nyc hot cop5

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