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PHOTOS: Hot Castro Cop Is An Internet Sensation. We’ve Got the Shirtless Pics That Show Why

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It seems everyone is swooning over Chris Korhs, AKA the Hot Cop of Castro, thanks to Itay Hod’s The Daily Beast post that popularized Mark Abramson’s photos of the 36-year-old officer. And it’s a great story, too: Who wouldn’t love a hunky straight officer adored by the gay ‘hood, and who loves the boys right back? After all, it was not so long ago that cops were raiding gay bars, not being feted by them.

History aside, when we first saw him in that uniform, we couldn’t help but wonder, what does he look like under all that cotton, polyester, leather and metal?

So Queerty went to work (all in the name of investigative journalism, of course), and whaddya know? After some hard digging, we managed to uncover some steamy shirtless pics. Here is officer Kohrs in all his glory.

You’re welcome, folks.

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Photo credit: Steven Kyle Weller