Next Up For Wonderful Weir: Monday Night Football Analyst?

Sure, Johnny Weir has more than his share of detractors, from Queer Nation to Michael Lucas, some of whom are legitimately up in arms about at his paling around with semi-homophobe Tara Lipinski, decision to join NBC as a figure skating commentator, and his embrace of all things Russian.

But as the Sochi Winter Olympics close, it is high time for a reappraisal of Johnny, one based on his stellar on-air performance, a performance that has drawn raves from television viewers to skating experts. He was so good, in fact, that some suggested, tongue presumably in cheek, that he do Monday Night Football, a sight we would pay to see.

“He and Tara Lipinski have gotten rave reviews for their Sochi coverage, with some viewers even lobbying that the duo be used for NBC’s primetime show,” USA Today gushed. “Weir’s wardrobe generates a lot of the talk, but he’s also been praised for his insights and objective commentary.”

Indeed, the fact is that Johnny has proven to be an excellent analyst with a charisma that matched the skating of his prime. He’s articulate, fair-minded, and brings the kind of color commentary that can only be gained from years of competing on the ice.

And let’s not forget that just by being himself, Johnny Weir’s fabulous presence at Sochi as expert, fashion icon and all-around gadabout is a direct rebuke to Russia’s antigay laws. Who is going to change the hearts & minds of the likes Tara and millions of Olympic fans everywhere? The passionate porn impresario Lucas? Hardly. Queer Nation? What is that??!!

So we though we would honor Johnny like we do all men we love, with a bunch of great pics.

Like all good Narcissists, Johnny channeled his inner Naomi Campbell by documenting himself each day on his Instagram page, and, we have to say, some of his looks have been pretty fierce.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Johnny Weir looks from the 2014 games.