Box office boycotting

No Milk For You

After much anticipation, Milk, the Sean Penn biopic about celebrated San Francisco politican Harvey Milk, arrives in theatres next Wednesday (and goes into wide release Dec. 5).

Well, not all theatres. You won’t be able to find the film playing at any of Cinemark’s 2,700 venue. Perhaps that’s because the company’s CEO, Alan Stock, happened to write a cheque for $9,999 to the Yes on 8 campaign, as we noted earlier.

Use sites like Fandango or Yahoo! Movies to locate theatres other than Cinemark in your area in case you’re looking for some Daniel Craig or Twilight goodness.

(Unless you’ll do something like not see Twilight because the book’s author, Stephanie Meyer, is Mormon, and will supposedly donate 10 percent of all the cash she earns from it to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

Spend your gay dollars appropriately.

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  • Diogenes

    Why would I spend my $ on Mormon vampers when Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty)has a hit with True Blood on HBO?

    There’s some hot looking muscle vampires on there.

  • DaveO

    Is “Milk” really not playing at any of the Cinemark theaters? The link just suggests that people see “Milk” at a non-Cinemark theater, which implies that it IS playing at some of those theaters.

  • michael

    I am taking it that the producers of Milk figured out that any Cinemark Theatre that showed the film would probably have very little audience and that would not be good for the film or Cinemark
    so they moved it from their theaters, but Cinemark should remember that they play other films that we LGBT folk and our allies probably won’t be watching at their venues also.

  • alex

    Instead of spreading potential misinformation, why don’t you do the work as a journalist and find out? You write that Stephanie Meyer “will supposedly donate 10 percent of all the cash she earns from it (Twilight) to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. If you are trying to create a rumor, you certainly did. If you are trying to be a legit source of information, you failed miserably.

    Personally, I have no desire to see the film. Many visitors here might, however. I have no ill will toward individual Mormons. Yet, if this author is actively funding an organization (LDS) that seeks to restrict my rights, I would have a differing view. Perhaps you should get the facts before you create rumors.

  • fredo777



    Rumors are always more fun than facts.

  • jack

    tithing is non negotiable for a practicing mormon.

    all that is in question is is ms meyer a practicing mormon or lapsed.

  • Pugs

    I just read about a site called Gay Wallet, that lists businesses that are either gay-owned or are at least gay-friendly. Personally, I’d like to spend my money with my fellow gays. I hope you all feel the same and will tell your lady friends about my sexy toys business.

  • mark

    Bravo MILK

    Cinemark/ Tinseltown theaters won’t get a damn dime from me.
    Write film critics and ask them to NOT review films booked in Cinemark theaters, think we got some friends in that career….ya think?
    Writing the major film companies to avoid Cinemark wouldn’t hurt, say you want to see their films, but are boycotting Cinemark.

  • Ben


    Yeah this is phrased strangely. Seems a little misguiding. I agree though that no one should see any movies at these theaters. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to misguidingly tell people that they shouldn’t see Milk?!

  • ousslander


  • Wolf

    Oh…and if you guys like movies. Please feel free to visit my Movie Forum.

    We have about 10,000 Movie and TV Links posted and about 250 Independent and Lesbian and Gay Films. We also have a ZERO TOLERENCE Anti-Gay Hate Rule and on Dec 10th will be dedicating the Day to Human Rights.

  • Kid A

    My reading tells me she is still a practicing Mormon.

  • Jason

    Doesn’t Cinemark run the entire “Century Theatres” banner? About 80% of the screens in the bay area are Century, so that’s an awful lot of screens in the metropolitan area where the movie is actually set that won’t be showing it…

    I already decided to stop going there anyway!

  • BaoPhac

    Boycott Milk in the opening extended weekend period! Did you know that the Milk biopic about a gay man struggling for gay rights is not allowed to be played in any GAY film festivals?

    How offensive is that?

  • Michael

    Don’t fool yourself. Queerty does not equal journalism. So no one should expect the writers here to do any further research than clicking a conveniently embedded link. Seriously, this site is run with one hand on a cell phone, and the other on their…

    As for Twilight… I don’t get the hub-bub. Has not the threadbare tapestry of the sexy but misunderstood vampire not fallen apart by now? God, it is sooooooo unoriginal! If I could go back and shoot Anne Rice before she could kick-start this genre…

  • Charles J. Mueller

    @Alex: Here is a link that dispels your notion that the journalist at Queerty has created a “rumor”.

    Perhaps it is you who should get the facts before you create rumors?

    Et tu, Brute?

  • rebekah

    stephanie meyers, mormon or not, is a horrible writer. that’s a fact for me. and yes, the whole misunderstood vampire thing is way played out. i already get the whole some theatres not playing movies for dumb reasons. they won’t play something inane like Zack and Miri Make a Porno where i am because of its content, but they have NO problems with putting out Saw #1 million or whatever it’s up to now. people are strange. sigh. But yeah, I have no hope whatsoever of seeing Milk until it comes to DVD.

  • alex

    @Charles J. Mueller:

    Oh yeah, you got me with your Wikipedia source.

    The burden of proof doesn’t fall on me; rather, it is the “journalist” that needs to be able to back up their opinion with some sort of facts. Clearly, this post has some factual errors, as others have pointed out. Additionally, when a “journalist” uses the world “supposedly”, it’s obvious he or she never bothered to get the truth.

  • james.p.p.

    Alex, I think you are confusing “journalism” with a gay news blog. These articles are quickly written to inform with commentary – and that is it. While you are here, moaning about nothing, they are already five or six articles ahead of you, trying to keep their little section of the gay community informed with relevant information in a conversational manner.

    This is the nature of this site. You are exacting a standard of perfection that you obviously cannot live up to as noted by your own lack of research concerning the very subject you were bitching about. The group here is informal and fast paced, and sometimes humorous.

    I’m sure if you find this sort of presentation unsuitable to your overly refined taste, you and the stick up your ass would be more comfortable over where all their facts and commentary are held to a much, much higher standard.

  • scott


    u. r. effin’. awesome.

    while, i tend to be open-minded to all things, honestly, i’m just getting a little sick of the cultish, zealot behaviors of religious orgs like, mormons, fundamentalists, etc.

    i do wonder tho, if a mormon can write about things like vampires. Isn’t that the work of the devil?

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Ditto @ Scott…on all three observations.

  • ZeeLee

    That’s absolutly, downright ridiculous!!! Stephanie Meyer may be Mormon, but that does not mean that she is giving away 10% of all funds from the Twilight movie to “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”.
    RESEARCH the facts before you broadcast, people. Rumors need not fly.
    If this was an attempt at de-publisizing the movie, it was a very poor one. NOWHERE IN HER ENTIRE WEBSITE DOES SHE MENTION THIS SO CALLED “FACT”
    Check for yourself, if you’re so inclined.

  • ZeeLee

    @scott: And if she does write about vampires, and as you say, “doing the work of the devil” then obviously she isn’t super religious, if at all.

    Therefore, why would she pay 10%, 10 PERCENT, of all fund to the churches, of which she isn’t very religious at all about??

  • james.p.p.


    i think this is funny because most mormons do not proclaim the intricacies of their religion on their website. i doubt she has information on marriage after death, getting her own planet after she dies (as one of the many wives of a man), magic underwear, or Jesus running around Missouri or whatever. just because it’s not there doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    HOWEVER, the ‘writing about vampires’ argument is a good one – and one that cause into question the her faith in her religion – but not the religion itself.

    BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT… the paragraph above written in parenthesis was more of a snide comment then it was anything else. the comments here are taking it soooooo seriously – as if there was some sort of bashing taking place. she may tithe, she may not – no one has ever asked her so this is all speculation. Mormons as a practice DO, however, and for that, the snide comment above is warranted (joke-wise).

  • ZeeLee

    @james.p.p.: It may be warranted, but it still pisses me off. Although I should probably join in on the humor, eh? Seeing as how there’s so little of it these days.

  • Jake

    This is helpful. I live in Tucson where most of the theatres are cinemark. I will get the word out here to boycott since this county in particular voted against the constitutional amendment to ban gay maraige in Arizona. Thanks!

  • Zack

    Seriously? You’re telling us to boycott Twilight, when this blog seemed to find the admittedly homophobic movie 300 okay? You even badgered queers for getting offended by it.

    I’m not saying give Stephanie Meyer money, I’m saying the writers of this blog should try for some less self-interested libertarian nonsense.

  • jarvisbearcub

    re: Milk

    The CineArts website, the indie theatres owned by Cinemark, have a scrolling line of posters for “new releases” and the Milk poster is indeed on the list:

  • George Trosper


    If she’s a faithful Mormon and wants to keep up her Temple recommend, she will donate not only 10% of what she earns from the Twilight series but also of anything else she earns. Mormons are required to tithe in order to be in good standing. I have never seen anything that puts a cap on the amount.

    Catholics (like me) only get tithing urged on them. A lot of us do it.

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