No One Covered This Recent Mass Shooting At A Mexico Gay Bar That Left 7 People Dead


It’s quite strange we didn’t hear about this story until recently, considering our job description includes scouring the Internet every five minutes for breaking news revolving around gay life.

Back in May, at least seven people were reportedly murdered in a mass shooting at a Mexican gay bar; a crime that was initially reported to be “territorial” and drug-related, according to police.

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According to Pink News, news of the Veracruz attack “barely managed to travel past the state’s border.” But in the aftermath of Sunday’s Orlando massacre, more details about the incident are becoming known.

According to South American publication Telesur:

In the early morning May 22, gunmen entered La Madame, a gay club in Veracruz, and proceeded to fire into the crowd of approximately 180 people.

“In total, seven people were killed and at least 12 injured in the attack.”

The article, entitled “The Massacre at a Mexican Gay Bar That No One Talked About,” argues authorities have chosen to ignore the “homophobic aspect” of the crime, which no doubt explains why the story has kept such a low (i.e., barely existent) profile.

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Speaking to El Noreste, an employee at the club says she saw an armed group enter the establishment and begin openly shooting into the crowd of over 200 revelers.

Luis Manuel Rivera Aguilar, the uncle of victim Luis Donaldo Rivera Calderon, told Sinembargo

They opened the doors violently and drew their guns. There were shouts. They had no mercy. Bullets ricocheted everywhere. The white tiles were stained red. Those who wanted to escape slipped in puddles of blood. It was a slaughterhouse.”

Police claim they’re searching for the attackers, but as of yet, no arrests have been made.

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