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No, Survivor‘s Shannon Elkins Did Not Want To Apologize For Gay Baiting Sash

If you’re like most of America, you’ve already purged your memory of Shannon Elkins, the Survivor: Nicaragua contestant who refused the label of “homophobe” after trying to use competitor Sash Lenahan’s supposed homosexuality as proof that he was lying to his tribemates about true self. (Watch video of the tribal council exchange here.) On last night’s finale and reunion show, Jeff Probst gave Shannon a chance to revisit and apologize. Mr. Elkins did not take the opportunity, though he did say “I met his girlfriend last night,” referring to Sash’s apparent switch to heterosexuality. And that’s all the time Probst had for it.

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  • ousslander

    he is gay and a racist

  • Survivor Fan

    So viewers were subjected to another 5 minutes of Jimmy’s football yet again but they had no time to get to the bottom of this issue.
    And the wasted time talking to NaOnka’s mother – who basically said nothing.

    Why did Jeff cut Sash off from defending himself?
    Also, some message boards report Shannon said he would or wants to have sex with the girlfriend Sash mentioned during the reunion show. And they give assholes like this a chance to compete on tv.

  • Student

    Watch as the comments say how “cute” he is and how he was just joking because he’s white


    Shannon proved once again he is waaaaaay too interested in “all the Gay people in NYC”. Bet he was pissed the reunion wasn’t in NY like it usually is. You could tell Probst was sorry he even directed a question at Shannon as soon he opened his mouth. While Shannon is a quintensial asshat, I kinda sorta think he hit the nail on the head because despite multiple denials I am fairly certain Sash has been known to sashay………. :p

    Regardless I am so glad my absolute favorite adorable airhead Jud aka Fabio won the million dollars. He played an excellent game, playing the slacker goofball and then when he really needed to step up his game, he won 3 immunity challanges in a row. (Plus, you just know you could talk him out of his tighty whiteys in about five minutes…….. :0 )

  • adman

    I kind of like it when homophobes piss all over human dignity to prove their point. It just shows what a failure that American heteronormative beliefs have become. “True self”? What’s the point since to you selfhood apparently means that sociopathy is the new black? Good luck with that, little breeder manchild.

  • Oh boy

    He sure is obsessed with gay people.

  • alan brickman

    and that will be to our benefit…

  • alan brickman

    bring back morning goods!!

  • Rikard

    if i want to watch a game show i’ll watch a rerun of something with Payl Lynde in the center square.

  • Dale

    Shannon is a double digit I.Q., homophobe, narcisstic, roid head.

  • Kieran

    Shannon could use a training bra for those manboobs.

  • Cam

    Somebody hasn’t gotten over being teased for having a girls name when he was younger apparently.

  • Tim

    Shannon is a freak of nature and I pitty his children and hope that if there is a god he ensures they are all gay, grow up and kick the crap outta him. ;-) My Gay Peeps Rock!!!

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    If he quacks like a douche and it talks like a douche, he’s probably a douche.

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