NOM: Chris Christie Will Never Be President Now

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is on an uninterrupted losing streak, so it’s not surprising that president Brian Brown is lashing out at Chris Christie for being a traitor to the cause. After serving as the sole roadblock to marriage equality in New Jersey, Christie came to recognize that a giant wrecking ball in the form of the state Supreme Court was swinging his way and decided to fold. With election day just two weeks away, the move conveniently eliminates the one major irritant that voters may have had with him.

None of which moves Brown in his blog post. After complaining about “an activity judiciary running amok,” Brown aim at Christie. “Still, we are extremely disappointed in Governor Chris Christie for withdrawing the state’s appeal of the underlying decision, effectively throwing in the towel on marriage,” Brown wrote. “The mark of a leader is to walk a principled walk no matter the difficulty of the path. Chris Christie has failed the test, abandoning both voters and the core institution of society – marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

One metaphor wasn’t enough for this failure, so we have a towel-less Christie walking down the road while failing an exam.

NOM wants to make it clear that Christie will suffer for his deed. “As far as we are concerned, it’s a disqualifying failure,” Brown says. “His surrender on marriage effectively surrenders any chance he might have had to secure the GOP nomination for president.”

While Christie clearly has presidential ambitions, his path to the White House has bigger hurdles to surmount than NOM. Still, Brown’s complaint will add to fears that Christie isn’t a true believer, and given a party dominated by a base dependent on purity, that’s not going to help Christie.