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Noreaga: Yup, There are Gays in Hip Hop. And No, It’s Not a Big Deal

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We’re falling in love with Noreaga, the New York rapper who somehow dropped off our radar. Until this interview, where he takes hip-hop’s discomfort with The Gays and slices it up with the diamonds around his neck.

Not only does Noreaga — sometimes known simply as N.O.R.E, but born Victor Santiago Jr. — acknowledge that gays are alive and well in mainstream rap, and that he’s (shock!) knowingly worked with some, but he laughs off any notion that there’s something wrong with welcoming The Gays into the fold. “Most gay men don’t like straight guys, it’s the truth! If a gay man bothers you, it’s because they know something about you, son, you feel me? … I have recorded with … people who are closeted gay. … I didn’t jump off a diving board. … That’s their world. I’m sure my sexuality does not make them made. They’re like, ‘Hey, it’s cool, we don’t want him anyway.”

But as Transracial notes, just like some advice being handed out to gay Hollywood, Noreaga acknowledges most gay rappers will wait till they have established careers before coming out. And when they do? “People are still gonna go to this guy’s parties, people are still gonna buy this guy’s sneakers, they’re gonna buy his belts, they’re gonna buy his purses. … It’s not a secret. They’re here.”

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