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Norway’s postal service creates beautiful, gay-themed ‘When Harry Met Santa’ advert

The Norwegian Posten advert, When Harry Met Santa
The Norwegian Posten advert, When Harry Met Santa (Photo: YouTube)

Two years ago, Posten—Norway’s postal service—began producing an annual holiday advert. It’s since become something of an anticipated part of the country’s festive season.

This year’s new commercial has prompted plenty of comments. The organization decided to mark 50 years since the country decriminalized homosexuality with the tale of a man falling in love with Santa. The film is called When Harry Met Santa.

There are no subtitles, but basically, the man discovers Santa visiting his house and the men exchange looks. In subsequent years, the man continues to keep an eye out for Santa, but his visits are all-too-brief. During one, Santa says, “You snore. I’ll be back next year.”

The next year, Santa says, “I’ve got many gifts to deliver. I’ll be back next year. Do I look nice?

It culminates with Santa staying for a bit longer, saying he got some help from Posten and they can spend more time together. They then kiss.

Watch below

A caption at the end says, “In 2022, it will be 50 years since it became legal to love whomever you want in Norway.”

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Online, many say the advert brought a tear to their eye.

“This needs a ‘Tissues Alert.’ It’s so beautiful. Thank you,” said one YouTube commentator.

“I think I’m going to have to learn Norwegian! This was amazing!” said another.

Oda Rygh, of Norwegian LGBTQ organization FRI, told marketing magazine Kampanje, “For many of us, Christmas is a time we spend with those we love, and it’s nice to see Norway Post show that love belongs to everyone, regardless of orientation, age, or whether you live at the North Pole.”

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UPDATE 24.11.21

After this story was first published, Posten shared a version of the video with English subtitles. Watch below.

Takk Posten for such a sweet advert!

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