Not Pleasing Everyone

brokeback mountain

Not all The Gays are excited to see Brokeback Mountain just so you know. For every Towleroad we encounter there is a Joe.My.God just as vocal.

Joe’s essay on Brokeback Mountain hits a lot of sore spots with the Queerty crew, but ultimately we disagree with him. In a perfect world we’d like to see more gay actors playing gay parts. But sadly there are not many gay actors we can think of to choose from. And Tom Cruise is just way too old for this film.

Actors do just that, act. We would not want gay actors to be limited to play only gay roles. So why would we want to limit straight actors to only play straight. That is not acting. It’s called playing yourself, which is easy. For an example of this see Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

We wish more actors had the balls to come out of the closet. But we are also stoked that a gay love story was finally handled with care and respect.

There are moments when the tides turn, the tipping point, and we believe this film just may be one of those magical times. Jake and Heath may be straight, but their performances are anything but. Love between two men on screen has never been so beautiful, tragic, and real. There was nothing fake about it Joe. Nothing at all.

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