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Now They’re Starting to Get it: Anti-Gay Republican Discovers Homosex not Equal to Polygamy

Yesterday, in a fascinating display of mental gymnastics, South Carolina lunkhead Trey Gowdy marveled that Attorney General Eric Holder has decided that LGBT couples are somehow different from polygamists, statutory rapists, and kissin’ cousins.

Holder patiently explained how the Court of Appeals system works, and why the Department of Justice agreed that LGBT couples are a politically disadvantaged class in need of heightened judicial protection.

But Gowdy, seemingly oblivious to the embarrassing homophobic undertones of his ramblings, continued to scratch his head in bafflement, accusing Holder of turning against DOMA for political reasons.

And this is the problem that we face when we talk to so many Republicans: a crazy, backward, primitive belief that nobody could possibly discern any difference between gay couples, which research has shown produce happy healthy stable unions, and inbreeding, which research has shown produce people like Trey Gowdy.