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Now THIS Is How a Fired Advocate Staffer Leaves the Building


When we reported Friday that Regent Media was firing upwards of two dozen staffers at its magazines as it moved to shutter The Advocate as a standalone magazine (it’ll be poly-bagged with Out moving forward), we relayed that production manager Brian Lindsey, upon getting word that he was fired, “sent out a naked picture of himself with a sock over his happy parts” to colleagues. We’re not sure exactly what message he was trying to send — Suck it, Colichman? Good luck with your shrinkwrap, Jarchow? — but we got ahold of the photo.

Of which you can see the possibly NSFW version on the next page.

UPDATE: One commenter says Lindsey is the fella on the left, not the sock-sporter on the right. If that’s the case, the jockstrap skirt sends a message of … “Your ass is grass?”

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