Obama Camp to Address Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

The Obama Campaign will be hosting a conference call tomorrow morning on the failure of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The call features Iraq War veteran Rep. Patrick Murphy and former three-star general in the U.S. Army Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Claudia Kennedy. Servicemen who were discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will participate in the discussion on what an Obama Administration would do about the nonsense policy.

Obama has previously said he would end DADT when President. We think he’ll keep his word.

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  • Karl

    Obama keep his word?

    He has changed more of his positions this election than ANY candidate ever.

    Keep “hoping”.

  • Alex Brewer

    What, are you supporting McCain? I’m sure he’ll do wonderful things for the LGBT community…

  • Jim

    When is Obama going to speak up for marriage rights in California?


  • Jason

    Agreed, Obama will say anything to get elected but he certainly is not going to stand up for ays and lesbians and risk votes.

    Just the kind of leader I want. Doesn’t stand with you only panders behind closed doors for your money and votes.

    At least Hillary had balls.

  • Betty DeGeneres

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    Betty DeGeneres

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  • Sam

    Wow. To the commentors above… Are you such jaded queens that you can’t recognize those that are on our side?

    This conference call is NOT gaining Obama any votes. He’s doing it because he believes in ending a bad policy.

    If the LGBT community can’t rally for those who support us… what reason will they have to continue to do so.


    Yeah, Obama to GLBTs : Fight and die for the country but you can’t marry! because my religion tells me so.

  • polobear

    I thought marriage was a right granted by the state, I think goverment should get out of the marriage business, issue couples a domestic partnership which carries the same rights and protections for all, then you can got to whatever church to get married.
    We can start our own churches (they are good business and you can make a lot of money tax free)
    As for DADT it was a nice transition but enough already

  • Brian Miller

    Obama has previously said he would end DADT when President. We think he’ll keep his word.

    I hate to be the bearer of inconvenient facts in the midst of a partisan lovefest, but DADT is a statute. The president cannot “end” it.

    If Barack Obama was serious about ending DADT, he could support the REPEAL of the statute in the Senate by cosponsoring companion legislation in the Senate for the Military Readiness Enhancement Act (MREA).

    MREA has not been allowed to go to a floor vote by Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and has exactly ZERO cosponsors in the Senate (Obama has repeatedly declined to cosponsor companion legislation), so this is unlikely to happen.

    However, Obama has exactly ZERO ability to “end DADT” as president. As it’s a statute, it can only be eliminated through the legislative process. Since the Democratic Congress and Senate have persistently refused to pass the MREA, it’s unlikely it will ever reach a President Obama’s desk.

    Sorry to dash the cold water of reality on the discussion.

  • girlinterupted

    The Washington Blade covered all of Obama’s answers already, why hasn’t queerty covered that? What an omission.


    You truly are a disgusting individual Polobear!

    “domestic partnership which carries the same rights and protections for all”

    You know damn well that Civil Unions deny same sex couples 1138 rights afforded to opposite sex couples. And Obama fully backs such discriminatory policy.

    Thank you Brian for reminding people of that.

  • James

    ‘He has changed more of his positions this election than ANY candidate ever.”

    Oh lord. Spare us the hyperbole. Obama is no different or worse than any other politician. Not saying you have to support him (I am a small d democrat after all) but your analysis is ahistorical bunk.

  • polobear

    let me clarify churchie since you can not seem to grasp the depth of even a Sunday cartoon strip
    I said grant civil unions ( or call it something different) to all couples (straight or gay)
    Same rights different name the government would no longer grant marriage certificates then if you want to go to church and get married you can but that would not confer any more rights or privileges than what was granted to you under the civil union (or insert other name).
    lesson done now brush your teeth and go to bed

  • John

    Obama keeping his word. Ha!

    You mean the candidate who flip-flopped on corporate welfare for big oil? Or the candidate who voted to wiretap your phones after he accused George Bush of destroying civil liberties? Or the candidate who suddenly became a Second Amendment warrior in June (despite having supported gun control for 100% of his career in Chicago)?

    That guy?

  • Jessie


  • Mr C

    And to all you idiots who doubts Obama.
    Because the old white guy is just as much of a flip-flopper but that’s cool for him to do so.

    At least you won’t need to worry afterall you have someone who is WHITE like you.

    John McCain and Sarah Palin

    McCain flip-flops more than a versatile couple in bed. And will not support much of anything for Gays. But Oh I forgot he’s white so that’s okay with you bigot ass fags.

    Hillary Clinton took the same oath on DADT, and Gay Marriage. Oh I forgot again She’s WHITE also. So that’s okay with you too.

    This is amazing. However, As much as I want Obama to win. Maybe McCain should win then you should be happy. Because as the biogts say The White House will stay White. And I hope McCain turns back the clock on everything with you Motherfuckers then lets see what happens. Because 2012 will be too late for Hillary and anyone else after New justices are picked.

    Remember McCain told Ellen

    “No I dont approve of Gay Marriage including yours”

    And homegirl Sarah Palin is having the
    “Pray Away The Gay” Conference in her state

    What a combination! At least some of you will have something in common with them.But not much and they will let you know that FOR SURE!

    And PROP 8 will probably move to every state afterwards!


    McInsane/Stalin ’08
    The Choice to Keep America Dying

  • Snoodle

    I see all the well-spoken posters are out today >.>’

    Given the alternative, I think we should give Obama the benefit of the doubt here..

  • corrective_unconscious

    Log Uncle Tom Republikkkans: “Because Obama isn’t perfect on gay issues we must support the ticket that overtly demonizes and hates the g/l/b/t communities instead.”

    They way these gay Republikkkans lie to themselves and to others you’d think they get a big tax deduction for each whopper they tell.

  • bobito

    Karl: “He has changed more of his positions this election than ANY candidate ever”

    Ehhhhmmmm…. are you, like, totally unaware that there’s this guy John McCain running for President? You must think if you say something, that makes it true. Seriously, Obama hasn’t been around long enough to have even HAD as many political positions as John McCain has turned 180 degrees on!

  • Mr C


    These KKGays will say anything.

    But in the end. I’d rather have “their own” turn on then than Obama (who wouldn’t anyway).

    They can’t say that Muslim N____R did this to me.

    Let John and Sarah have the honors!

    McInsane/Stalin ’08
    The Choice to Keep America Dying

  • marco channing

    “Obama keep his word?

    He has changed more of his positions this election than ANY candidate ever.”

    Just another LYING McCain surrogate.

    If your are gonna make this claim, PROVE it.

  • marco channing

    “When is Obama going to speak up for marriage rights in California?”


    Silly rabbit, Obama came out in support of the California Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage.

    He may not support himself, but he will not stand in the way of the courts ruling for gay marriage.He will let it happen.

  • Bill Perdue

    Obama’s platform calls for enlarging the US invasion/occupation force in Afghanistan, which will increase the murder of civilians there and the death of GIs.

    He plans to keep US troops in Iraq which will lead to even more murders of Iraqi civilians and GIs to bolster prospects for US control of the regions oil, which is the sole reason for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    Obama insists on the escalation of American attacks on Pakistani civilians, in spite of the fact that Pakistan is a nuclear power whose military is notorious for having an itchy trigger finger.

    McCain (and Hillary Clinton) basically agree with Obama but they want to attack Iran instead. Obama’s sole reason for wanting to end DADT is to get more cannon fodder. Both plan on continuing the war, both oppose same sex marriage, both pander to christer bigots and their violin duo as the economy crashes and burns is going to destroy our standard of living. Neither McCain nor Obama are worth supporting.


    “Neither McCain nor Obama are worth supporting”

    The commie is right on this one but supporting Sarah is most def worth supporting both economically and for securing America’s existence in the future. I mean what better deterrent for the Islamic terrorist and the Marxist Perdue so admires than to know that if they cross the line and try to mess with us they might find themselves getting a whoopass from an American woman. Everyone knows that besides out Gay men there’s nothing they fear and loathe more than a women in charge.

    McCain ★ Palin ’08

  • Mr C

    And your idiotic racist PUNK ASS isn’t worth listening too at all.

    But at least your Girl Sarah will have you remain as a Second Class citizen.


  • polobear

    yea just pray the problems away cuz Jesus likes us best!
    Meanwhile how many dinosaurs fit into the arc?
    Palin is going to save us!? she couldn’t even run her town without hiring someone else to do it for her. She didn’t even know that Freddie mac and Fannie may were private companies. Too busy climbing the social ladder to raise kids or actually do her job, or look beyond her next position
    Hey but Churchie she is your gal, she wants to makes special needs children one of her priorities ( and no I didn’t insult kids with special needs unless you consider lumping chuchie in there with them an insult, then I am guilty)
    Now if she could just pray your gay away…

  • Brian Miller

    Given the alternative, I think we should give Obama the benefit of the doubt

    This would be known as “very low standards.”

    If Obama cosponsors MREA (which he could do today, right now) and urges his colleagues to support the legislation so that they can pass it when he gets into the White House, then I’ll give him some credit.

    But all he’s doing is talking about it. Which is just a bunch of hot air.

    It will be exactly 16 years to the day that this first became an issue to debate. And the Democrats still have done literally nothing substantive about it.

    If gay people continue to give this do-nothing crew “the benefit of the doubt,” we’ll be arguing about why they still have done nothing 16 years from now.

    Life is too short for that.

    This is a close election. Gay voters who vote or stay home on election day will make the difference between victory or defeat for the Democrats.

    We should be cashing in all those chips right now.

    Military service equality today, or you lose in November.

    DOMA repealed today, or you lose in November.

    Adoption equality today, or you lose in November.

    Immigration equality today, or you lose in November.

    And yes, marriage and tax treatment equality today, or you lose in November.

    This shit has been going on for SIXTEEN YEARS now!

    No more excuses. Either act now, or lose.

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