Obama Plays “Dr. No” In New McCain Ad

John McCain’s presidential campaign released a new James Bond-inspired commercial attack Barack Obama‘s energy policy. And, because Obama says “no” to myriad energy policies, like off-shore drilling, the so-called gas tax holiday and McCain’s $300 million prize for a new electric car battery, the Democrat has been cast as “Dr. No.” Get it?!

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  • Marco Channing

    The design of the ad is cool. But, we know that the gas tax holiday and offshore oil drilling will not doing anything to affect gas prices. So, why would the McCain campaign be bringing these up? And since when is there universal agreement that nuclear energy is good?

    The graphic are hip, the message shows how out of touch McCain is.

  • Brandon

    Funny, that’s supposed to be Ron Paul’s gig.

    Marco: Offshore drilling won’t do anything to affect gas prices? Are you kidding? Certainly not in the short term, but long term, the only way to reduce prices is stop artificially constricting the supply.

  • foofyjim

    Brandon –

    Think about a pitcher full of water. Think about having only a small cup. Think about how thirsty you are.

    Now suppose I give you a bigger glass. You can pour more water from the pitcher into that glass, thus delivering more water to your mouth and satisfying your thirst quicker, but you still only have the same amount of water in the pitcher.

    Hmm… What to do? I would suggest finding something else to drink.

  • mark

    I would laughingly taunt McCain that he hasn’t seen a newer Bond movie in 40 years…cuz you’re OLD.
    Daily Show did a similar comparrison of a youth outreach game on a McCain site, which looked like an 80’s Atari game, then played an Obama video game that was state of the art.

  • fredo777

    Clever, Foofy.

  • mark

    If Obama is Dr. No, is Cindy C*nty Galore?

  • CitizenGeek

    ^ Hah, nice.

    Seriously, McCain’s campaign trying to edgy or clever is just tragic.

  • Scott

    Seriously, is John McCain really paying millions of dollars to put out an ad that was done completely with powerpoint slides? How very trashy. At least make it look pretty.


    Whether he is or isn’t the Dr.No of energy security might be up for debate but he certainly is the Admiral-middle-finger-salute when it comes to Gay people.

  • Courtney

    Wow, I thought Republicans were in bad shape, but this is just humiliating.

  • Brandon


    What good is water in the pitcher if it never gets to our mouths? Why leave it there?

  • ryanblack

    Oil companies are already sitting on 68 million acres of offshore area that they aren’t even drilling on, why do they need more?

    This is just another “look we are doing something” bunch of BS.

    We need real solutions not campaign gimmicks designed to help out Cheneys and Bushs and McCains oil buddies.

  • bobito

    Brandon (and anyone else who thinks that increasing US oil production by drilling in Alaska and offshore will make a flip of a difference in oil prices): American oil is NOT sold to Americans. That oil is sold to Europe, where they pay twice as much for gas at the pump. Our prices in America are too low for the American oil companies to make enough of a profit. If more American oil is produced, the companies will make much more money selling to Europe (making for happy corporations), but our coasts and the Alaskan environment will be severely and irreparably damaged in the not-so-long term (making for very unhappy American citizens who will not recieve any noticeable relief in the high gasoline prices as compensation).
    If that’s what you want, go ahead and vote for McCain. The oil companies will be delighted.

  • hisurfer

    The Republicans really are living in another century, aren’t they? The strangest thing about the ad is that they try to use Obama’s words against him, but picked sound bytes that make him sound good. Is McCain trying to lose?

    I’m actually a strong proponent of nuclear energy, and wish that the populist left would relax their opposition. This ad won’t do a thing to convince people.

  • mark

    McSame shove off shore drilling in Florida,… do that honey.
    Yeah the tourist dependant hotel and restaurant owners, beach condo owning seniors are going to fall all over themselves to donate to your campaign…..not.

  • mark

    If we are going to fight the 08′ campaign with movie references, Obama campaign might want to do a First Wives Club spin off. The first Mrs. McCain,(dumped after a car accident) the first Mrs. Bob Dole,(dumped for airline stewardess Liddy…the empty wig) the second Mrs. Newt Gingrich (divorced undergoing chemo), the second Mrs. Guilanni, Mrs. Ted Haggard, Mrs. Larry Craig, Mrs. David Diaper Vitter.
    and to hit the holy grail of repigs…the first Mrs. Reagan.

  • john-arne


  • Bob R

    The sad thing about McCain is he could be described as Dr. Doesn’t Know. Off shore and ANWAR drilling will not supply one drop at the wellhead for at least 10 years. Estimates on reserves vary, but even if the picture is better than estimated, we will not reduce our dependence on foreign oil by more that a few percentage points. Then there’s the damage to the environment if an accident occurs. And one will occur, with the taxpayer picking up the clean up tab and the fish and wildlife suffering untold losses. Net savings at the pump if/when these wells start to produce, around 5 cents per gallon. The Gas Tax Holiday is a cheap gimmick and has been thoroughly exposed as such. The tax must be shifted somewhere else because the revenue from the gas taxes pay to repair roads and infrastructure related to transportation. The way our bridges are falling, this tax should be increased. The electric car? Do some research on this and see who stopped the electric car. Oil companies don’t want electric cars right now, there is still too much profit to be made with oil. Nuclear plants? Way too costly and dangerous and not really cheap energy in cost per kilowatt hour. The electric companies will be glad to operate them for a nice fee if the government actually constructs them. Building a new plant today will exceed a billion dollars. Then there is that pesky problem of getting rid of all that nuclear waste. That useless (unless you want to build weapons) nuclear waste is dangerous for centuries. And what about the terrorist risk with that? And if there were a Chernobyl type accident, would you really want to live near a plant? I think people should read a little more than just GOP talking points. It’s going to take a lot more than a good battery to solve our energy problem. Closing the Enron Loophole might help bring prices down within 30 days. Or here’s a radical idea, nationalize energy and take the profit, greed and manipulation out of it. McCain knows nothing and he displays his ignorance almost every day.

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