Ohio Amusement Park Cancels Wedding Promotion Due To Marriage Inequality

cedar-point-gatekeeperjpg-d208a7820354fd61A gay-friendly amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio has been accused of being homophobic this week after excluding same-sex couples from a contest to be married inside the park.

The Sandusky Register reports that Cedar Point was holding a contest for 13 couples to be married on the park grounds on Friday, September 13 to mark the opening of the park’s holiday-themed “HalloWeekends.”

The contest, originally announced on Cedar Point’s blog, specified that only heterosexual couples would qualify, stating “Due to marriage laws in Ohio, weddings are limited to male-female couples only.” Outraged by their exclusion from the contest, Scott Kenimond and Eric Morrison contacted park officials to complain.

The couple called the potential ceremony a “dream wedding,” because they both love roller coasters and initially bonded over their shared love for the park. “It was just kind of cool because we both love Halloween, we both love roller coasters, we both love Cedar Point, so I just thought it was like, the dream thing,” Kenimond told WKYC.

Cedar Point, which hosts an official “Gay Day” annually, issued a statement following the couple’s internet campaign to raise awareness. “Cedar Point does not take any official stance on political issues,” it said.

Park spokesman Bryan Edwards says the contest has now been cancelled, citing “promotion logistics” that “started to take on political undertones.” He added that couples looking to have weddings, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals outside of the HalloWeekends promotion are free to contact park officials for scheduling availability.