Ohio Democratic Party Arranges Funds To Support Marriage Equality Efforts

gay-men-holding-hands-rainbow-braceletsThis week, the Ohio Democratic Party announced ambitious plans to make the state the 12th in America to legalize same-sex marriage, an effort that would require the repeal of a 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment that refuses to recognize same-sex relationships.

On Thursday, the organization sent an email to supporters asking “Isn’t it time that we make Ohio the 12th state to embrace equality?”, including a link to a newly-launched fundraising campaign that aims to draw voters’ attention to the issue, which is likely to appear on this year’s ballot in November.

This marks the first marriage equality efforts made in Ohio since the group FreedomOhio lobbied to repeal the discriminatory law last year with The Ohio Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom Amendment. The proposed law, which aims to change the gender-specific language of Ohio’s marriage laws, was quickly endorsed by several politicians from around the state.

“Equal protection under the law is a fundamental right of all citizens and we must stand against discrimination and do what is right,” Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada stated in a release last month. “By supporting this amendment, I support the right of all families to be recognized and respected in Ohio.”

But it’s the people of Ohio—not the politicians—that need convincing. FreedomOhio co-founder Ian James says that while the amendment will likely receive enough support to appear on this November’s ballot, the final decision is up to Ohio’s voters.