Olympian Louis Smith Would “Go Gay” For Will Smith

id_12193British Olympian gymnast Louis Smith graces the cover of the August issue of UK’s Gay Times wearing nothing but an attention grabbing light-blue speedo.

In his interview, Smith confesses that while he is heterosexual himself, he would totally “go gay” for actor Will Smith.

“He’s very dedicated to his family, he’s very loyal, funny, hard working and talented. So, in the most non-sexual way, it would have to be based on the person.”

How sweet! He likes daddies!

The rest of the interview, Smith shares his thoughts on gay marriage (he supports us): “What is ‘natural’? If someone says to you ‘act normal’ — what is ‘normal’? You can’t be defined. If you fall in love with someone you fall in love with someone.”

Smith also chatted about gay men in sports who are still afraid to come out due expectations of being a straight man. Except for gymnastics, Smith adds. In gymnastics, “you’re always wearing a leotard.”

h/t: Towleroad