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Once Upon a Time Ken Mehlman Attacked Harry Reid For Opposing Ban on Gay Marriage

Michael Petrelis is keeping score on Ken Mehlman: Fox News is actually up from zero mentions of his coming out to two, while the Human Rights Campaign stands steadfastly at zero acknowledgments. Too bad, because Mehlman long ago offered Joe Solmonese the perfect chance to pounce when in 2005 he distributed a RNC document “Reid all about it: Who is Harry Reid?” attacking Nevada’s Sen. Harry Reid (he’s an “obstructionist”) for, ahem, having a 100 percent score from HRC.

The document reads in part:

Reid Opposes Federal Marriage Amendment:

Reid Received 100 percent Rating From Human Rights Campaign (HRC) For 107th Congress. (Human Rights Campaign, “Presidential Candidates,” Human Rights Campaign Website, http://www.hrc.org, Accessed 12/2/04)

— HRC Endorsed Reid During 2004 Election Calling Him “A Leader We Can Count On.” (Human Rights Campaign, “Candidate Profile: Harry Reid,” Human Rights Campaign Website, www.hrc.org, Accessed 12/2/04)

— “The Human Rights Campaign, The Largest National Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual And Transgender Advocacy Organization, Envisions An America Where GLBT People Are Ensured Of Their Basic Equal Rights, And Can Be Open, Honest And Safe At Home, At Work And In The Community.” (Human Rights Campaign Website, www.hrc.org/, Accessed 1/31/05)

Reid Said Marriage Should Be Between A Man And Woman. “So marriage should be between a man and a woman, OK? I agree. But why do we need to have to amend the Constitution when we have the Defense of Marriage Act federally? We have the state Constitution, which has it in it.” (Dave Berns, “Candidates See Religion’s Role In Diverse Light,” Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/28/04)

— But Reid Voted Against Federal Marriage Amendment. (S.J. Res. 40, CQ Vote No. 155: Motion Rejected 48-50: R 45-6; D 3-43; I 0-1, 7/14/04, Reid Voted Nay)

These are now the sort of stats Mehlman would be trumpeting. (Or at least one might incorrectly assume.) After all, isn’t Mehlman fighting to keep Prop 8 — a statewide voter-approved law banning same-sex marriage — dead? Give him three months and he’ll have a 100 percent score from HRC.

This guy is a horror.

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  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    The only thing Queerty has done right politically the last few months? Not letting this goofy motherfucker Mehlman off the hook; every day I see another article lambasting this disgusting scumbag’s hypocrisy. Bravo Queerty!


  • Michael

    Look, this guy has finally come clean. The more
    People come out, the better. He was doing a job before and now he’s battling for our rights. Embrace him and welcome him.

  • patrick

    “This guy is a horror.”

    He certainly is…and he is also a whore-er.

    Typical faggot with means. Lemme keep mine and expect the rest of you to fawn over me and my successful climbing – on your backs.

    Fuck him. Better yet, don’t.

  • Cam

    And yet you have all his friends in the media talking about what a nice guy he is, and should be applauded for coming out.

    If this guy was a half African American HalfHispanic, Catholic who was in the Ku Klux Klan for 15 years and precided over their national leadership, would anybody be talking about what a great guy he was just because he decided to quit?

  • Martin Murray

    “Embrace him and welcome him.”
    Not until he has atoned for his vicious homophobia.
    He has bought a $3.7 million apartment on the profits of homophobia. The very LEAST he can do is to sell it and donate the proceeds to equality causes.
    He can also stop writing checks to homophobes.
    He is disgusting scum who should be condemned and ostracised.

  • tjr101

    @Michael: Seems like you’re the only one that wants to give Kenny a congratulatory BJ.

    Mehlmann should eat crushed glass until he shreds his oesophagus. Then we just might embrace him!

  • Ivad Enuffofya

    More republican hypocrisy. His theme song should be Too much, Too Little, Too Late!

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @Michael: No, we need to send him up for public execution! Just remember Teh Geighs cannot be Republicans and any time any one of them comes out we must burn them at stake. Teh Geighs are my personal property, I own them, they got nowhere else to go. Hope and Change! Don’t stop believing!

  • Bill Perdue

    Mehlman and the Republicans have a marriage alomst as bad as their Democrat cousinbrothers.

    For instance here’s the record of the Bigot in Chief:

    1996: In response to a questionnaire from Outlines newspaper (now part of Windy City Times), Obama, a candidate for the Illinois state senate seat representing the wealthy Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, writes, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”

    1998: Responding to an Illinois State Legislative National Political Awareness Test: “Q: Do you believe that the Illinois government should recognize same-sex marriages? A: Undecided.”

    2004: In an interview with Windy City Times, Obama mentions the religious dimension of the gay marriage debate, says he supports civil unions, and indicates that his stance is dictated in large part by political strategy…

    2006: In his bestseller, The Audacity of Hope, Obama, now a U.S. senator, explains his support for civil unions, again mentioning religion and noting the strategic problems that the push for gay marriage poses.

    2008: At Rick Warrens bigotfest Obama said ” For me as a Christian, it is a sacred union. God’s in the mix…” Barak Obama, bigot

    Obama’s position on same-sex marriage is identical to that of “Miss California”, Carrie Prejean, who said “I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there but that’s how I was raised and that’s how I think it should be between a man and a woman…”

    In an interview with MTV, Obama says he opposes Prop 8, but also gay marriage. Civil unions, the candidate says, are sufficient: “I have stated my opposition to [Prop 8]. I think it is unnecessary. I believe that marriage is between a man and woman and I am not in favor of gay marriage…

    2010 : After the Perry decision, which struck down Prop 8, the White House said “The president has spoken out in opposition to Proposition 8 because it is divisive and discriminatory. He will continue to promote equality for LGBT Americans.” Meanwhile, White House senior adviser David Axelrod tells MSNBC that Obama “ does oppose same-sex marriage, but he supports equality for gay and lesbian couples. … He supports civil unions. That’s been his position throughout. So nothing has changed.” The New Republic


  • Why All the h8? (John from England)

    @Bill Perdue:

    What do you want?

    And when you get it what next?

    Can you Leo give us an example of your utopian ideology that worked for all mankind?

    No one can talk about anything political without you mentioning Obama. Someone mentions a woman being raped and you will turn it round and say Obama never signed door DOMA. Someone will mention dying of caner and you will mention Obama.

    You bully people until they think your way-just like a right winger, no way or my way. What the eff are you like as a friend or partner?

    Why are you so mean? And if someone dares to say they are left, you insult and bully them. Look I know queerty are not a nice bunch of people and not really for engaging debate but this is so sad that no can have a decent convo without you going insane about Obama.

    People like you deserve Republicans kicking you to the corner or better still ping hate crimes on you. Everyone is upset with out right wing Tory party-the fools,
    ,-but at least they are ‘t as crazy as your right wing brigade.

  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @Bill Perdue: Stop calling me “Bigot in Chief”. I am not a bigot, I just do not give a shit about you as long as you keep voting for me and my rubber stamps in Congress. I just like to slow-walk the equality issues to keep you dependent on me and begging me for favors. After all if everything you want passes, why would you need me again? Yes We Can!

  • CJ

    Maybe Queerty should do some FACT CHECKING before repeating misleading facts.

    This story is apparently getting “little coverage” by Fox News?

    Let’s search for “Mehlman” on 3 different websites:

    MSNBC – 3 mentions in the past week.
    FOX – 2 mentions in the past week.
    CNN – 0 mentions in the past week.

    Considering you can’t find ONE story about Mehlman on CNN’s site, it hardly seems that Fox News is the media outlet that is avoiding this story.

    What’s the deal CNN?

  • Bill Perdue

    Obama is pretty much our open enemy. Opposition to our agenda is bigotry. Interference with repeal of DADT and DOMA and passage of ENDA are acts of bigotry. Nobody’s going to give Obama a break on this.

    Get used to it. Your hero is rotten.

    If the subject is national policy it’s Obama’s fault along with the Congressional Democrats because they’re the party in power even if the policies they follow are basically Republican. When that changes in November we can continue to criticize Obama and turn on the Republicans as our main political enemies in Congress.

    I, and huge numbers of GLBT people no longer have any tolerance for people who make excuses for Obama. Check out pams and bil eri co if you don’t believe me.

    Democrats are not leftists and Obots are not leftists.

    Obama is doing what Palin wants to do on every key question so you have to figure out if war, bigotry and being a lap dog of the rich is what you want in a leader. It’s that simple.

  • Bill Perdue

    “Republicans lead by 51% to 41% among registered voters in Aug. 23-29 Gallup weekly tracking of 2010 congressional voting preferences. The 10-percentage-point lead is the GOP’s largest of the year and is its largest in Gallup’s history of tracking the midterm generic ballot.”

    Democrats are going to get a drubbing becasue lots of GLBT people are going to vote for leftist parties or sit it our. They deserve to be beaten.

  • Bill Perdue

    Look at this video:

    It establishes four things.

    1) Obama is a bigot, a religious bigot.

    2) His only objection to Prop 8 is a tactical objection. He said it was unnecessary because bigot Bill Clintons DOMA was, as is, despite Obama’s promises, the bigoted law of the land.

    3) Obama, like Hillary Clinton and other assorted Democrat and Republican rightwingers is for settling this on a state by state basis, a “states rights” strategy. States rights, lest we forget, has been a favored Democrat strategy from the time of Jefferson Davis thru George Wallace and is now the Democrats way of avoiding the fight for same sex marriage.

    4) Obama is our political enemy.

    It also explains why jimmy likes Obama. Demobots excuse Obama’s racism, his homohating bigotry, the fact that he’s a tool of the rich and that his policies are murdering GI’s and civilians in a war for oil. Obots like jimmy approve of Obama because they too are racists, homohaters and war supporters.

    Jimmy can’t figure out which lie is better so he switches from Clintonista to Republican.

    Poor jimmy is not very bright, he can’t even lie well. He can’t tell the difference between someone who lives in Washingoton and someone who lives a thousand miles away.

  • CJ


    “President Barack Obama’s approval rating sank to a new low of 45 percent, while his disapproval rating rose to 52 percent, according to a Reuters-Ipsos poll. It was the first time more Americans disapproved than approved of Obama in an Ipsos poll since he became president.”

    Not sure why August has been such a dismal month for him. But, even with all of the positive media articles lately (promoting Obama in various ways), I don’t think that much is going to help. At the same time, Republicans also have dismal approval numbers. So, there will be a lot of angry people at the polls this November.


  • Bareback Hussein Osama

    @CJ: These are LIES !!! I am still popular !!! I am your fiercest advocate !!!

  • Michael

    I’m missing something here. Who is this story about? Is this to say, that in 2005 it was wrong for the then closeted Ken Mehlman to be criticizing the record of Harry Reid, and/or the HRC’s endorsement of Reid? Reid has always acknowledged his opposition to same sex marriage.

  • Edward

    Did the stupid closet-queen Mehlman just suddenly discover he is a queer, or was he sucking d*ck behind closed doors while out in public working every dirty trick in the book to keep everyone else like him under the bootheels of the GOP? This scum deserves no respect from anybody, especially the rest of the LGBT community. Maybe he’ll do the world a favor and slit his own throat.

  • sam

    Wow are you guys pushing for equality and acceptance or a continuation of hate and bigotry? Mehlman though wrong in his outward push of LGBT discrimination should be shown some mercy. It’s proven that when closeted and afraid people do things they shouldn’t do. This man happened to be in charge and afraid of himself. Scary stuff. Now he’s coming out, give him a chance to undo the wrongs he has committed.

  • Bill Perdue

    @sam: The problem is that people like Mehlman, who’s spent his whole life giving one long tongue bath to the rich and the rightwing isn’t capable of change.

    He always going to be a money grubbing sellout.

  • Steve

    The hypocrisy is readily obvious already. Dont we want just these people to come out? Come on people, there is no get out of closet free card but its not like he didnt own up to it. You have to give people a chance to make things right. A fundraiser is not a bad start. We should be glad to have a movement where your worst enemy can see the light and become your best friend.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Steve: For him to right all the wrongs he has done would require the power to raise the dead. As in those who were beaten to death or committed suicide because the Christo-Islamic menace taught them that they are evil for a condition of their birth. Mehlman (wasn’t that ALF’s home planet?) exploited the Christo-Islamic menace for his own personal gain. It isn’t like he was someone who was largely silent on gay issues who came out.

    @CJ: Maybe Queerty should do some FACT CHECKING before repeating misleading facts.

    That never stopped them before.

  • Chris

    It’s sad that all of these queers who want such acceptance and tolerance are the first ones to throw others under the bus.

    Yes this guy used to legislate against queers. Yes, now he has come out. But now he’s trying to atone, and you guys are saying there’s nothing in the world that is going to make him an ally or an asset to our cause.

    That’s great logic, guys and gals. Why wouldn’t he just stay in the closet and continue oppressing us if this is what he’s going to get from the gay community.

    A lot of this hate speech really sickens me.

    Can’t we judge people by their current actions and not their past?

    You are all probably the same people who say once a criminal always a criminal. The process of prison and rehabilitation means nothing.

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