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  • David

    I love Rachel Maddow… Both the fem blond version, and the butch brunette version.

  • Devin

    Maddow is absolutely gorgeous.

  • whatever

    Blonde ambition? Didn’t we all?

  • bluenosedive

    WoW!! O_O!!….am I seeing this right…@[email protected]??? Nice…^_^…I prefer butch…but she couldn’t go wrong blond.

  • Sammy

    God, so much better. The nerdy lesbo look is fine, but she’s pretty hot here.

  • Black Pegasus

    I love Rachel, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish she’
    tone down the butch dyke look just a bit. She’s a beautiful

  • Midgey

    @ Black Pegasus, a lot of people like the “butch look” on Rachel a lot, I personally think she looks beautiful now too. And more importantly, thats the way she wants to look and thats perfectly fine. Beauty isn’t all about femininity.

  • Ronbo

    Could that woman be more an Obama supporter? I thought a journalist went by the facts. Did Ross say they (Obama and Rachel) were on a break?

  • Kieran

    She kinda looks like Timothy McVeigh in drag. Spooky.

  • jeffree

    Rachel is all about her words, her smarts, her ability to explain things, and her capacity to render idiots speechless. Since I’m 99.9% gay male, I’m no expert on wymyn, but she always looks fine & professional, to me. She’s camera-ready, always, has a beautiful smile, and so yes she’s attractive. I don’t see her trying to be something she’s not, which in *any* human is a huge plus.

    I’m sick of reducing any media personality to how well they fit gender norms. If she wants to dye her hair auburn, I don’t care.

    I’d make her a nice brunch if she came to visit, (lol) but I hope she ‘s not vegan!

    We’re lucky to have her on our TV sets. She is among our finest & best-prepared commentators.

  • Steve

    She is butch, but soft butch. Short hair, is all. She is still clearly feminine and doesn’t look like a guy.

    She doesn’t look bad a femme, but I think her current look suits her more

  • Brandon H

    It looks like she’s trying to be something she’s not. And that’s NEVER sexy, even if she can technically pull off the blonde look.

  • carlton

    She was absolutely beautiful, and still is today.

    Every LGBT member owes it to themselves to watch her program. Informative, insightful, brave, and honest…the real kind. I watch it as often as I can and always come out smiling after she lets someone who earned it really have it!

  • simon

    @Brandon H: Yeah, exactly. High school does strange shit to people.

  • Ellen

    She was a member of the swim team, combine chlorine and CA sunshine (Castro Valley is very sunny) and you get that look….

    No surprise…I can see the Baby Dyke in those eyes from the get-go!

  • Vegas Tea Room

    This picture makes Coulter look like a cow.

  • rrr

    @Steve: She looks like a guy when she’s being herself, and she’s the first one to say so. They dress her up in more feminine clothes and put her in makeup to make her more appealing to tv audiences and she goes along with it because that’s part of marketing and the reality of tv. According to her she strips off all that stuff like a costume the moment they’re off air. When she shows up on talk shows in plain dark shapeless mannish clothes, no makeup and no hair product that’s her styling herself according to her own taste.

    She also comes across as very male identified when she talks about herself and when she reacts to be asked to provide a woman’s opinion.

    TV caters to lookism, gender norms and fuckability when it comes to its personalities’ on air images. Putting all that aside, however Rachel is outfitted she is competent, intelligent and a much needed strong liberal voice on American television which is what should really matter.

  • obiwan

    Rachel was gorgeous in high school and is beautiful twenty years later.

  • Clint

    I didn’t think I could love Rachel anymore… then I saw this picture. Frikkin’ gorgeous.

  • L.

    @Vegas Tea Room: And pictures of *cows* make Coulter like, well, Coulter.

  • pawsum

    Rachel Maddow could shave her head bald, get a full-on facial tat, and get some of those implants in her forehead that makes it look like she has devil’s horns and she would still be twelve different kinds of awesome because it’s not how she looks, it’s what she does. She is nothing less than a lone intelligent voice crying out is a forest of ignorance. She breaks down complex problems into easily digestible bits so we dumb uhmerikans can understand what’s really going on. There is more insight, smarts, and plain talk packed into one half-hour of her show than an entire week’s worth of O’Reilly, Hannity, and Beck combined.

  • GrrrlRomeo

    It’s better that people choose their look based on how they want to be seen, as it suits their identity.

    Whether she looks better to other people as butch or femme is irrelevant.

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