Opponents of FL Congressman Hopeful Scott Galvin Remind Voters He Is a Homosexual

Scott Galvin, a city councilman, wants to be the next U.S. congressman from Florida. Vandals armed with spray paint don’t want that to happen.

A half dozen of Galvin’s campaign signs have been spray painted with “FAG,” because Galvin is gay, get it? So his campaign has been pulling up the hate-ified signs as Galvin heads into August’s Democratic primary, where his opponents will have the chance to call him nastier things, like “conservative.”

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  • 7

    A half dozen signs? That’s…six. Six signs. They tagged a residential block.

    But really, I hope we get a gay president soon that just fucks everything up for the haters, because this is just getting absurd. We’re reverting back to the early 1900’s.

  • Enron

    Its quite obvious the persons who are filled with such abusive hatred are simply suppressing the truth about themselves. So they believe doing something like this will let seem otherwise. Why can’t people realize, Gay people will always be around. We are like cockroaches of the human race (no offense intended). We have been around since the existence of humans and we will be around even after some catastrophe. We are your boss, your co-worker, your brother, your sister, your cousin, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, husband, wife, teacher, coach, idol, we are everywhere.

  • Steve

    That looks like a $5 yard sign. (It’s been a few years since I bought them — I think they are still about $5.) Most local campaigns put out hundreds of those. Congressional campaigns put out thousands. In most elections, about half of those little yard signs get defaced or stolen. Yard-sign shenanigans are expected.

    These little things are not done by the candidates or their employees. They are done by individuals, usually late at night and under the influence of alcohol.

    The opponents and their employees know better that to do such a small and ineffective stunt. The benefit to their own campaign is small at best, and the damage would be huge if they got caught. If an opposing candidate wanted to make an issue of Scott being gay, it would not be just a few yard signs. It would be all over the major media.

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