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Oprah’s Out, Rosie’s In: O’Donnell’s Big 2011 Daytime Return

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When Oprah exits daytime television in the fall of 2011, the reigns of TV talk were supposed to go to Ellen DeGeneres. Oprah even set the torch passing in motion herself. And then along comes Rosie O’Donnell, planning a grand return to TV — and not in that awful variety format.

Reports from Showbiz411 (“Rosie was overheard telling pals at Joe Allen’s restaurant in New York last night that deal is almost done to restore her to her place as Queen of DaytimeTalk”) and GossipCop (“Rosie O’Donnell has signed a deal to bring a new talk show to TV syndication for the 2011-2012 season, Gossip Cop has learned exclusively”) say that as soon as Oprah is done, Rosie will be stepping in.

Does Ellen have reason to worry? Yes, in the sense that Rosie’s show would be direct competition, as any daytime show is, but as yet it’s entirely unclear what time slots, and which networks Rosie would occupy in each market. And also, No: The reports state her new show will be geared more toward replicating her current Sirius radio show, but on the small screen, much like Howard Stern’s program. It’s a much less formal structure, and could attract different audience types.

In exiting her eponymous talk show, which ran from 1996 through 2002, Rosie said she left to to spend more time with her kids. And in interviews since, she’s reiterated that facet: Family first, business second (or maybe sixth).

We’re just happy to see the return of one of the most advertiser-friendly brands out there make a return to daytime. And now that she’s no longer carrying the “queen of nice” mantle, she’ll be free to run clips of that day’s The View and give Elisabeth Hasselbeck a walloping. That, or invite Tom Cruise on the program to rekindle their fauxmance.

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  • Tylertime

    ugh! i won’t be watching. she is crazy and will self destruct like she did with her original talk show, her magazine and on THE VIEW.

  • Ian

    fuck yeah! cant wait for this ho

  • fredo777

    when was she ever the Queen of Daytime Talk?

  • hunter


  • damien

    Her radio program is great…hope it’s true!!

  • AlwaysGay

    NBC syndicated her show before and she loved them. I expect her only to sign with them. Ellen is also with NBC. I hope Rosie kills The View.

  • Observer

    @AlwaysGay: It’s hard to kill what is already dead (the View). If you hadn’t mentioned it I would have never known it was still on. Long live Geritol.

  • Sexy Rexy

    She’s horrid. I won’t watch her.

  • Geoff M

    Ellen has nothing to worry about. The fact is, Rosies “awful” variety style show as queerty labeled it, was very popular, and ended on her say so. It got weird when she came out at the end and her whole disposition changed… so if she’s straying from the formula that originally worked for her she’s already sabotaging herself. I hope to god she doesn’t revisit that flock of seagulls hair monstrosity.

  • blah

    @@Geoff M: They were talking about her variety show special from 2008 not her talk show.

  • Geoff M

    @blah: you’re right! My bad. I totally forgot about that mess.

  • scott ny'er

    i never liked Rosie but her “talk” show was good at showcasing Broadway and was very popular before she came out. Also, I do think Rosie is abrasive but I sometimes feel she is needed on the left to balance people like Rush on the right.

    Anyway, because I do hope she does well. The more powerful LGBT peeps there are in all types of businesses, then I feel it gets better for LGBT.

  • hez

    It’s a testament to how much social change Oprah has produced that not only did she elect the first black president, but the two people who are competing to replace her are both lesbians. The book FREAKS TALK BACK asserted years ago that tabloid talk show revolution of the 1990s (started by Donahue but turned into an industry by the success of Oprah) did more to make gays mainstream than any other development of the 20th century.

  • hez

    I think Rosie wll do really well. Even before she announced this I was thinking that Oprah’s departure was the perfect time for Rosie to come back. Back in the 1990s when Rosie had her own show it was a huge success that was second only to Oprah in the ratings for a while. Without having to compete with Oprah, the sky’s the limit for Rosie.

  • blackjack44

    @fredo777: do you not recall her 12 daytime emmys?

  • EWE

    I like Rosie. She is one of us. Nothing else necessary to discuss. Hopefully her show will be a smashing success.



  • terrwill

    Boy the BOQB is out in force today!!…….Hey I got a great idea!! There is an openly Gay celeb who is not ascared to tell the haters just where to put their hate. Lets all rip her to shreads!! Cheeze and fcuking crackers why must so many in the Gay community contiune to attempt to destroy our own??

  • Meowzer

    Yea Rosie!! I loved her show. Rosie, Ellen… maybe the lesbians can save daytime TV. The view is so crappy now. Would’nt watch it if I could. I’ll miss Oprah, but welcome back Rosie!

  • fredo777

    @blackjack44: can’t say that i do, but i don’t think her brand ever had as much potency or selling power as Oprah’s.

  • my four cents

    Well, we shall see…. Who will be on the show, and who’s willing to work for her. Who will demonstrate the melting of steel, and then sit down with Howard Stern and trash talk? Back in the days when Rosie was still, admittedly, ahem, cranky she was really much worse than that. Her coworkers blatantly called her a “bitch.” I was a contributor to Rosie’s magazine and can tell you that every staff editor I dealt with had nothing kind to say about her and lots of unkind things to volunteer. “She’s a screamer,” one editor told me. “Rosie rules by fear, threats and insults. She berates us and tells us we’re idiots — usually at the top of her lungs. Lucky for us she doesn’t come into the office very often. We usually just have to deal with her nasty emails and abusive phone calls, but when we hear that Rosie’s coming in, we dread it.

    An authentic dose of life, love, and crazy coming your way in 2011.

  • Steve

    @my four cents: Oh really, because I’ve heard from employees that they loved Rosie and their experience. She’s probably getting bombarded with ex-employees right now that want to work for her in 2011. The atmosphere was quite the opposite of what you described. Troll.

  • ewe

    I don’t really care to much for Oprah. I know she pays to promote herself as the most powerful richest woman in America but she does very little for me. Her show is all fluff and melodrama. I don’t care to waste my time with that stuff unless it is me or someone i know. I also don’t envision Oprah leaving the spotlight. Her extreme insecurity would not allow that.

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