Our Theory Is That 90% Of Homophobes Are Gay Themselves

Warner huston

We come across some pretty entertaining articles on conservative web sites, magazines, and blogs all of the time. Focus on the Family and American Family Association are some of our faves. But sometimes we tire of the monotony and go elsewhere for our regular conservative fix. We stumbled upon this item on the patriotically labeled renewamerica.us where the author proudly “debuns” the myth that 10% of the population is gay.

The arguments and “scientific” conclusions made by the writer (a cuddly little bear named Warner Todd Huston) are pretty, how shall we say, illogical. It’s a must read.

Feel free to drop him a line at [email protected] as he encourgaes comments and questions. After reading this article, you’ll have lots and lots of questions.

10% of Americans are gay — urban myth explored [Renew America]

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