Out Dancer Travis Wall Steps Into New Reality Show, All The Right Moves

Tired of seeing celebrities and other amateurs try to prove they tango and waltz? Well, All the Right Moves, the new reality series debuting on Oxygen on July 31, spotlights some true professionals—including So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Travis Wall—as they form a new dance company.

In addition to seeing the guys do their stuff on their own terms we’ll get to see Wall, who scored an Emmy nomination for his work on SYTYCD and worked on the upcoming movie Step Up: Revolution, be more himself:

“When I was 18 and on the show it was very stressful to find the balance of being yourself and coming across in an authentic way,” the openly gay hottie told AfterElton in 2011. “[But] the only time it was a little stressful was maybe when they interviewed me… I never had to put on a front, but it’s true that I wanted to be in the top ten and I wanted to go all the way closer to the top. And maybe it’s not necessary to come out and talk about that stuff when it’s a dance competition.”

“All that stuff” should come up in the new series, which sees Wall joining his three closest buddies—Cirque du Soliel’s Teddy Forance, SYTYCD Season 1 winner Nick Lazzarini and Dancing with the Stars alum Kyle Robinson—to form the dance troupe Shaping Sound. The press releases does tease that, “through blood, sweat, and tears these lifelong friends and roommates are determined to come together and make this venture a success, giving background dancers a chance to shine.”

Four hot (potentially) gay dancers living in one apartment? It’s either going to be hotter than a Corbin Fisher video or tenser than Real Housewives of New Jersey.Or, y’know, both.

 All the Right Moves debuts Tuesday, July 31, at 9pm on Oxygen