OUT ON DVD: Michael Fassbender Feels Shame, Gay Dysfunction In Domain And American Translation, And More!

($39.99 BluRay, 20th Century Fox)

Directed by British artist-cum-filmmaker Steve McQueen, Shame sees Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Prometheus) play Brandon, a sex addict in modern-day Manhattan. When Brandon’s equally damaged sister (Carey Mulligan) shows up, old wounds are reopened. Shame is as raw and explicit as it gets in mainstream cinema and Fassbender rules the screen—particularly during a controversial, admittedly grim gay bar rendezvous. DVD extras include featurettes on the star and director, as well as, “The Story of Shame” and a digital copy of the film. But we’re sure plenty of you will buy it just so you can slow-mo through Fassbender’s many nude scenes.


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